Hud Hud Dabang Lyrics | Translation | Dabangg 3 (Film)

Translation for ‘Dabangg 3’ film’s latest track ‘Hud Hud Dabang Lyrics’ in English, featuring Salman Khan & Sonakshi Sinha are out now. Get to know the meaning of brand new song words, released by T-series.

Hud Hud dabang (From Dabangg 3) translation

Song Name: Hud Hud Dabang(Hindi)
Film / Album Name: Dabangg 3 (2019)
Singer(s): Shabab Sabri, Divya Kumar, Sajid
Lyrics Writer(s): Jalees Sherwani, Danish Sabri
Music Director(s): Sajid Wajid
Video Director(s): Prabhu Deva
Actor(s): Salma Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Nikhil Dwivedi
Record Label: © 2019 Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited


Haiya! Hoo!

Mera Apna Karam Hai,
I have my own deeds.
(I decide my deeds (or actions)).
Mere Apne Gawaare Hain (x2),
I have my own acceptances.
(I make decision what should I accept).
(Haiya! Hoo!)

Meri Apni Chalat Hai,
I have my own unique style of walking.
Mere Apne Sahare Hain,
I have my own supports.

Mere Apne Andhere Hain,
The ‘darks’ are my own.
Mere Apne Pitare Hain,
The baskets full of tales are my own.
Azaad Bashinda Hoon,
A free inhabitant (or resident) I am.
Main Rab Ka Banda Hoon, Toh…
I am the man of the God.

Main Hoon Dabang, Dabbang, Dabangg, Dabang, (X4),
I am fearless.
Hud Hud Dabang, Dabang, Dabangg Dabbang (X3),
The fearless one!
Main Hoon Dabang, Dabbang, Dabangg, Dabang.
I am the fearless.

Hud Dabang!
Hud Hud Dabang! (X3),
The fearless one!

Yaaron Ke Liye Wo Sacha Yaar Hai,
He is true friend for the friends (or pals).
Dushmano Ko Kaate Wo Talwar Hai,
For enemies, he is the sword which rips brutally.

Ik Pal Bhi Na Jhape Palak,
He doesn’t wink at all;
Jab Sher Dekhe Shikar Ko,
When He – the lion has eyes on the prey.

Jab Rab Ka Saya Saath Ho,
To Jhukta Dekha Sansar Ko,
When The God is by one’s side.
We have seen the world bowing to him.

Meri Apni Maujein Hai,
I have my own ways of having fun.
Mere Apne Dhaare Hain,
I have streams (or flows) of my own.
Azaad Baashinda Hoon,
A free resident I am.
Mai Apne Rabb Ka Banda Hu,
The believer of my God.

Main Hu Dabang Dabang, Dabang Dabangg (X4),
I am the fearless one!
Hud Hud Dabang Dabang, Dabang Dabangg (X3),
The fearless one!
Mai Hoon Dabang Dabang, Dabang Dabangg. Hoo!
I am the fearless one!

Seenay Mein Uske Aag Hai,
He carries fire under his chest.
An-Suna Sa Koi Raag Hai,
He is like an un-sung (or untold) melody.

Chaaron Disha Mein Shor Ho,
Jab Bhi Maidaan Mein Aawe,
His name is chanted from all over;
As he arrives the arena.

Woh Dekha Paawe Kuch Bhi,
Jo Usko, Aankh Dikhaawe,
He doesn’t remain capable to see anything;
the one who stares him.

Mera Apna Gulshan Hain,
There is a rose garden of my own.
Meri Apni Baharein Hain,
The springs belong to me.
Aazaad Bashinda Hoon,
I am a free civilian.
Main Apney Rab Ka Banda Hoon,
I am a man of my dearest God.

Main Hoon Dabang, Dabbang, Dabangg, Dabang, (X4),
I am the fearless one!
Chul Bul Dabang, Dabang, Dabangg Dabbang (X3).
Chulbul P. Pandey is the fearless one!

Salman Khan’s latest version of ‘Hud Hud Song’ is the first released track from the upcoming installation of his ‘Dabangg’ film series. The Hindi track is featured in ‘Dabangg 3’ Bollywood film, with impeccable direction of Parbhu Deva, releasing on 20 December 2019.

It’s a catchy track and with its hook line from previous film ‘Dabangg’ film track. The playback singers are Shabab Sabri, Divya Kumar & Sajid while the improvised lyrics come from songwriters Jalees Sherwani & Danish Sabri.


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