Humsafar Lyrics [English Translation] – Taimour Baig

“Humsafar Lyrics Translation” by Taimour Baig is a powerful Urdu rap song featuring Baig as both the vocalist and lyricist. Produced by Raffey Anwar, the track intricately weaves emotional depth with a modern musical approach and has garnered significant attention on platforms like YouTube. It speaks to the complexities of relationships and personal struggles, making it relatable for a broad audience.

Humsafar Lyrics English Translation Taimour Baig
Title Humsafar
Vocalist(s) Taimour Baig
Lyricist(s) Taimour Baig
Producer(s) Raffey Anwar

The translated Urdu lyrics of Taimour Baig’s “Humsafar” reflect longing, internal conflict, and the desire for connection. Baig’s narrative captures the essence of contemporary relationships, blending everyday moments with profound emotions. Musically, “Humsafar” blends traditional Urdu influences with modern beats, creating a unique and engaging soundscape. The use of mellow melodies and rhythmic beats complements the introspective lyrics, enhancing the overall emotional impact of the song.


Kuch Baatein Mere Dil Mein
Wait A Second, Unhe Suno, Abhi Jao Nahi

There are a few untold things in my heart; wait a moment, listen to them, and don’t leave yet.
Meri Zindagi Mein Vaise Hi Itne Masle
There are already so many problems in my life.
Meri Zindagi Mein Aur Masle Laao Nahi
Please don’t bring more problems into my life.

Tu, Main Aur Ek Cup Chai
You, me, and a cup of tea (both)
Hum Dono High, Hume We_d Dede Backwards
Both of us are high. Give us we_d backward.
Hum Saath Karein Fly
We’ll fly together.
Subah-Subah Tujhe Message Karoon Hi Ka
I’ll text you “hi” in the morning.
Raat Tak Wait Karoon Main Reply Ka
I’ll wait for your reply until tonight.

Chalau Gaadi Tez, Ro Jaye Wo
I’ll drive fast, and she’ll cry (yeah).
Long Drive Mein To So Jaye Wo
She’ll fall asleep on a long drive.
Bas Dua Meri Rab Se
Just pray to my God.
Ki Jo Bhi Socha Maine, Ho Jaye Wo
Whatever I’ve thought of will happen.

Aankhein Band Karoon, Backwards Aayein
I close my eyes, then go backward.
Aankhein Kholoon, Mera Best Verse Kahaan Hai?
I open my eyes. Where’s my best verse?
Ye Pen Tere Baap Ka Nahi, Oye
This pen isn’t your dad’s, oh, no.
Nashe Se Baahar Aa, Tera Purse-Verse Kahaan Hai?
Come out of your intoxication; where’s your purse-verse?

Jahaan Tu Vahaan Hum Rahein Na
Wherever you are, let’s stay there.
Dil Mein Baatein Dafan, Kabhi Munh Par Kahe Na
Let’s never say the things buried in our hearts.
Teri Hash Jaali, Hash Meri Maracon
Your hash is fake; mine is Maracon.
I Got One, Two, Three
I got one, two, and three.
I Don’t Know Which Cup That I’m On
I need to find out which cup I’m in.

Mujhe Pata Nahi Main Kitni Pi Chuka Hoon
I don’t know how much I’ve drunk.
Buri Aadatein Hain Meri, I Got Bad Habits
I have bad habits.
‘Shroom Ke Nashe Mein Main Aasmaan Dekhoon
When I’m stuffed with mushrooms, I look up at the sky.
Taakoon Aasmaan Ko Like I’m Sky Addict
I stare at the sky like I’m a sky addict.

Zakhm Diye Tune, Need Some Medikit
You’ve hurt me; I need some medicine.
Thc Pi Li Tumne, Now You’re Feeling Negative
You smoked THC; now you’re feeling negative.
Hai Fakhr Mujhe Bada Apne Vatan Pe
I’m very proud of my country.
Main Champagne Udaunga Apne Khud Ke Silver Button Pe
I’ll pop some champagne on my silver button.

Aaj Pata Nahi Ki Kya Hua Use
I don’t know what happened to her today.
Pehle Aisi To Wo Thi Nahi
She wasn’t like this before.
Main Piyoon Bhi To Uske Ghar Ke Aage
Even when I drink, I do so in front of her house.
Koi Cheez Usse Chhupi Nahi
Nothing is hidden from her.

Hum Dono Ladte Nahi The Pehle
We had yet to previously fight.
Aaj Pata Nahi Ki Kya Hua
I am still trying to figure out what happened today.
Tu Mujhse Hai Juda, Magar Main Tujhse Nahi
You’re different from me, but I’m not.
Aaj To Had Huyi, Sawal Utha Ki Kya Hua
Today is the limit; the question arises: what happened?

Kya Hua Aur Kya Nahi
What happened and what didn’t
Tu Mujhse Hai Khafa Ya Hai Nahi
Are you mad at me or not?
Jahaan Tu Dhoondhti Thi Mujhe
Where did you use to look for me?
Us Jagah Se Main Door
I’m far away from that place.
Vahaan Koi Aur, Vahaan Main Nahi
Someone else, not me, is there.

Main To Shuru Se Hi Bura
I’ve been flawed from the start.
Mujhse Tu Meri Buri Baatein Seekh Nahi
You don’t learn bad things from me.
Khud Se Sawal Karoon, “What’s Good?”
I ask myself, “What’s good?”
Khud Hi Jawab Doon, Main Theek Nahi
I answer myself: I’m not okay.

Itna Bata De Ki Tu Saath Hai Bas
Just tell me you’re with me.
Bhale Se Meri-Teri Baat Bhi Na Ho
Even if we don’t talk
Teri Har Ek Baat Yaad Hai Mujhe
I remember everything you say.
Meri Ek Bhi Koi Baat Tujhe Yaad Bhi Na Ho
You don’t remember anything I say.

Saare Dost Tere Baagi Ho Chuke Hain
All your friends have become rebels.
Aur Ek Hum Jo Tere Aadi Ho Chuke Hain
We’re the only ones who are addicted to you.
Tu Roz Kasam De Aur Main Roz Kasam Todun
You swear every day, and I break my oath every day.
Ab Nashe Karke Hum Dimaag Kho Chuke Hain
Now, we’re both out of our minds on drugs.

Hum Ro Chuke Hain, Rona Nahi Hai
We’ve cried; don’t cry.
Long Drive Mein Is Baar Tujhe Sona Nahi Hai
You don’t have to go to sleep this time on a long drive.
Gaane Mein Karta Hoon Main Tera Zikar
In my songs, I mention you.
Par Tera Naam, Teri Kasam, Kahin Bhi Bola Nahi Hai
But I’ve never mentioned your name or oath anywhere.

I Keep It Private, Ye Raaz Jo Batane Nahi Hain
I keep it private; these secrets can’t be told.
Main Self-Made, Mere Ghar Mein Koi Khazane Nahi Hain
I’m self-made, and I don’t have any treasures in my house.
Waqt Ke Saath-Saath Improve Karein Hum
We improve with time.
Ab Purane Gaane Sun Kar Kehta Hoon, “Ye Mere Gaane Nahi Hain”
Now, listening to old songs, I say, “These are not my songs.”

Kabhi-Kabhi Lage Mere Liye Hi Bani Thi Tu
Sometimes, it feels like you were made for me.
I Like Weed And She Likes Weed Too
I like weed, and she likes it too.
Rollercoaster Ki Dono Ride Par
We are both experiencing an exhilarating ride.
Gaadi Aati Nahi Aur Baitho Nahi Tum Bike Par
The car doesn’t come, and you don’t sit on the bike.

Mere Gaane Tere Naam Ko Taras Rahe Hain
My songs are craving your name.
Mere Gaane Fans Ke Dilon Mein Bas Rahe Hain
My songs live in the hearts of my fans.
Hum Dono Ho Chuke Hain Total
We’re both total.
Ek-Doosre Ko Dekh Kar Pata Nahi Kab Se Hans Rahe Hain
We don’t know when we started laughing and looking at each other.

Pata Tha Nashe Mein Tum Call Nahi Uthaoogi
I knew you wouldn’t pick up the call when you’re drunk.
Aankhein Laal, Ab Tum Ghar Kaise Jaaogi?
How will you go home now with red eyes?
Agar Koi Pooche Tumse Tumhe Kya Hua Hai
If someone asks you what happened to you,
To Khao Kasam, Mera Naam Nahi Bataoogi
Then swear, don’t tell my name.

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