Husn Parcham Lyrics (with Translation) – Zero Movie

HUSN PARCHAM LYRICS – ZERO Katrina KaifHUSN PARCHAM Lyrics with Translation in English feature Katrina Kaif in music video from Bollywood movie “ZERO”. The playback vocals are Bhoomi Trivedi, Raja Kumari. Irshad Kamil is lyrics writer and Ajay-Atul bring the lively music production. Read the song meaning and the lyrics.


Haath mein raat yeh baaki hai
Baat napaak wafa ki hai
The night is young, full of sexy promises,

Sandli si purwayi saath hai
A hazy wind is blowing.

O tu hai naakaam mohabbat mein
Main jalun pyaar ki shiddat mein
You always fail at love. I burn in love
Dhundli si ruswayi saath hai
Our names are notorious.

Kaam tu aaja mere, soch na yaar savere
I could use you, don’t think too much.
Chhod dungi main ghar pe, karta hai kyun gham
I’ll leave the world behind for you. Why worry?

Husn parcham, husn parcham
Lehraya yaar dama-dam-dam (x3),
Husn parcham.
The beauty conquers your heart.

(Raja Kumari’s rap verse)
Bang like a drum. Work my body
Aaj raat I’m in charge so dance to my beat,
Tonight I’m in charge, so dance to my beat
Dhin-tak-dhin do it slowly
Then do it slowly
Chalaa jaise goli, one night only
Fire like a bullet. One night only.

Coz I’m feeling hot.Tequila, no chaser
Oh on your lips you like my tevar,
Aaj raat ko lagega, give me the uh-huh imma call you later
Tonight’s the night. Give me that ah ha, I might call you later

Hey! Dil phenk iraadon mein,
Hey you big flirt
Ab der swadon mein, kabhi meethi zubaan bhi khari hoti hai re
Your love has a bitter-sweet flavour
Tu meri zaroorat hai, yeh meri mohabbat hai
Jo tere liye hi jaari hoti hai re
I need you, my love is only stirred by you.

Re loot ke yaar khazana, laut ke ghar aaja na
Rob the treasures of the world. Come back to me
Aashiqon mein hoon aashiq ko sitara tum
You are a lover among lovers.

Husn parcham, husn parcham
Lehraya yaar dama-dam-dam (x3), husn parcham.
The beauty conquers your heart.


With an item song “Husn Parcham” Katrina Kaif wins millions of hearts again showing her sensational dance moves. Above is the official music video and the meaning of Hindi song.

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