Ik Ik Pal Lyrics – Maninder Buttar

ik ik pal punjabi song maninder butter IK IK PAL LYRICS from MANINDER BUTTAR (with English Translation) – This is a newly released Punjabi sad song with refreshing electronic music beats from music producer named “Upsidedown.” Deepa Bandala is writer of lyrics to “Ik Ik Pal” a heartsick song released by White Hill Music.

Sukh Sanghera is director of music video in which Maninder Buttar seems to be acting as a heartbroken guy who has been cheated and abandoned by his girlfriend. Yet still misses her and is singing in her memories, “why did you love me? If you wanted to leave me like this.”


Ikk ikk pal tere naal jo bitaya
Ajj vi main phullan waang
Fer seenay laaya -x2,

Every single moment that I spent with you,
Today I embraced again…

Kyon badi sheti bhul gayi
Kyon gairan utte dul gayi,
Tere ton dhokha khana si,

Why did you forget me so fast?
Why did you fall for others?
I had to get cheated by you…

Kyon mere naal laaiyan
Je tu shad jaana si..
Kyon mere nal laiyan..

Why did you couple with me?
If you had to leave me?
Why coupled with me?

Jhoothay moothay vaade jo
Tu mere naal keetay
Haye bade dukh jhalley
Ghut sabraan de peetay -x2.

The fake promises you made to me,
I have suffered a lot, yet awaited with patience.

Kyon aina tadpaya
Haye taras na aya
Ve main ta pashtaana si.

Tormented me like that, why?
Didn’t you feel pity at all ?
I had to regret it…

Kyun mere nal laayian
Jay tu chad jana si,
Kyu mere naal laiyan…

Chaddeya tu Deepa
Pehlan apna banaake
Kiti si tasalli
Hauli-hauli tadpaake -x2,

You left Deepa after making him such as closer one,
And then you satisfied yourself by tormenting him slowly.

Meri rooh kurlaave
Akhin athru na aawe
Ve taan muk jana si.

My soul cries and there are no tears to come into my eyes,
I had to be ended.

Kyo mere nal laiyan
Je tu chhad jana si
Kyo mere nal laiyan.

Why did you love me ?
If you had to abandon me like this,
Why did you love me ?