Ilzaam Lyrics {English Meaning} – Afsana Khan | Wah Re Sajan

“Ilzaam Lyrics Meaning,” AKA “Wah Re Sajan,” sung by Afsana Khan, is a stirring Hindi song featuring Charvi Dutta and Vishwas Saraf. This track, which Harry Singh and Preet Singh directed, explores themes of betrayal and heartbreak with lyrics by Babbu Brar and music by G Guri. The title “Ilzaam,” translating to “Accusation,” establishes the song’s emotional journey. The track has gained recognition for its impactful lyrics and Afsana Khan’s commanding vocal performance, striking a chord with audiences.

Ilzaam Lyrics Meaning Afsana Khan
Title Ilzaam
Vocalist(s) Afsana Khan
Lyricist(s) Babbu Brar
Producer(s) G Guri

The lyrics of “Ilzaam” depict a love gone sour, with the protagonist reflecting on unfulfilled promises and emotional turmoil caused by betrayal. The translated song lyrics fluctuate between nostalgic longing and bitter realization, capturing the essence of insincere love. Afsana Khan’s emotive rendition adds layers of sorrow and anger to the lyrics. “Ilzaam” blends contemporary and traditional elements, creating a soundscape that complements the song’s emotional depth, characterized by melancholic undertones and dynamic instrumentation. The haunting use of strings and percussion amplify the feelings of heartbreak and betrayal.


Jab Tak Tum Mujhe Mile Nahin The,
Until I met you,
Mujhko Tum Par Gile Nahin The,
I had no complaints about you.
Mile Toh Kya Mile, Ho Bewafa Mile,
But what did I gain by meeting you, the unfaithful one?
Mujhse Huyi Mulaqat Bhool Gaye,
You have forgotten our meeting.

Wah Re Sajan, Wah-Wah Re Sajan,
Oh, my darling, oh-oh, my darling
Tum Toh Aukaat Bhool Gaye,
You have forgotten your place.
Wah Re Sajan, Wah Wah Re Sajan,
Oh my beloved, oh my beloved!
Tum Toh Aukaat Bhool Gaye,
You’ve truly forgotten who you are.

Ho Mujhe Yaad Hai Tumne Asmaan Se Taare Todke Laane The,
I remember you promising to pluck stars from the sky for me.
Mohabbat Ke Naam Par Mujhe Kyun Supne Dikhlane The,
Why did you show me dreams in the name of love?
Qisse Bade Sunaye Mujhko Wafadariyon Ke,
You told me great stories of loyalty.
Ho Lag Raha Hai Bistar Par Sone Ke Bahane The,
Oh, it seems you were just making excuses to sleep with me.

Kaun-Kaun Se Guzre Woh Halaat Bhool Gaye,
Have you forgotten all the circumstances we went through?
Wah Re Sajan, Wah Wah Re Sajan,
Wow, my beloved, wow, my beloved,
Tum Toh Aukaat Bhool Gaye,
You seem to have forgotten your position.
Wah Re Sajan, Wah Wah Re Sajan,
Wow, my dear, Wow, my dear,
Tum Toh Aukaat Bhool Gaye,
You seem to have forgotten your position.

Ho Chalo Koi Baat Nahin Asli Toh Tera Kirdar Dikha,
Oh, never mind, your true character has shown.
Ishq Ke Behroopiye Mein Tu Gaddaar Dikha,
You have shown yourself to be a traitor in the guise of a lover.
Ho ‘Babbu’ Koshish Ki Maine Tujhko Samjhane Ki,
Oh, ‘Babbu’, I tried to make you understand.
Gudeyale Teri Har Baat Mein Hi Hankaar,
But you are arrogant in every word you say.

Qasmein Vaade Tum Toh Har Ik Baat Bhool Gaye,
You have forgotten every promise you made.
Wah Re Sajan, Wah Wah Re Sajan,
Well done, my darling, well done, my darling,
Tum Toh Aukaat Bhool Gaye,
Seems like you’ve forgotten who you are.
Wah Re Sajan, Wah Wah Re Sajan,
My dear, my dear,
Tum Toh Aukaat Bhool Gaye,
You’ve drifted so far from where you belong.

[Shayari] | [Poetry]
“Humne Aapko Dil Mein Jagah Di,
“I gave you a place in our hearts,
Lekin Aap Har Vaade Se Fisle,
But you broke every promise.
Humne Socha Dil Wale Honge,
I thought you were sincere,
Lekin Aap Toh Shaitaan Nikle,
But you turned out to be a devil.

Maine Zindagi Likhdi Aap Ke Naam,
I wrote my life in your name.
Lekin Aap Toh Do Din Ke Mehmaan Nikle,
But you turned out to be a two-day guest.
Aap Toh Do Din Ke Mehmaan Nikle.”
You turned out to be a two-day guest.”

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Ilzaam Music Video

The music video for “Ilzaam” by Afsana Khan features compelling performances by Charvi Dutta and Vishwas Saraf, visually depicting the emotional turmoil described in the song’s lyrics. Harry Singh and Preet Singh’s video uses potent imagery to emphasize the message of the song, creating a visually and emotionally immersive experience that speaks to anyone who has dealt with the complexities of love and loss.

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