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Ishq Lyrics Translation AKA “Uth Pehle Pehar Nu” by Nirvair Pannu: It is the all-new and a lovely Punjabi song. Deol Harman is the architect of hallucinatory music. The delicate Ishq Punjabi lyrics of the track are written down by Nirvair Pannu. The smooth music video of the welcome rhyme is ruled by I Can Films.

Ishq Lyrics Nirvair Pannu

The new Punjabi song ‘Ishq’ AKA ‘Tu Door Na Hoji Dar Lagda’ or ‘Ishqe Vich Dhokhe Dhadiya Ne’ with its translated lyrics, by Nirvair Pannu is a perfect blend of poetic and romantic lyrics. The piece depicts the essence of true love and admiration for your beloved. Nirvair Pannu has written and sung the song beautifully. He portrays the emotions of a person who is madly in love and can’t resist expressing his feelings to his girlfriend. The music by Deol Harman is soothing and perfectly complements the lyrics. Additionally captivating and beautifully showcasing the emotions in the song is the “I Can Films”-directed video.


Ni Tenu Kitta Pyar Aa Adiye Ni,
Unjj Vasdi Duniya Boht Kude,
Ni Main Hasna Tere Hasyan Te,
Unjh Hasdi Duniya Boht Kude,

I hold a deep affection for you, my dear, despite the existence of numerous other people in this world.
My desire is to share moments of laughter with you, my dear, although there are many individuals who laugh in this world.

Oh Phul Khil Jave Tu Mil Jave,
Hun Kiniyan Ghadiyan Langiyan Ne,
Uth Pehle Pehar Nu Han Diye,
Tere Layi Khushiyan Mangiyan Ne,

Whenever I have the opportunity to see you, my face brightens up like a blooming flower, a feeling that I have experienced many times before.
My morning prayer, my love, is that you find happiness and joy.

Ho Tenu Kol Baitha Ke Bhul Jana,
Main Aapne Aap Sawalan Nu,
Meri Rooh Nu Suchda Kar Deve,
Ki Aakhan Tere Khayalan Nu,

Being with you by my side makes me forget the inquiries of my heart.
The mere thought of you can illuminate my soul.

Ni Main Koshish Karda Likhne Di,
Tere Layi Kalaman Chandiyan Ne,
Uth Pehle Pehar Nu Han Diye,
Tere Layi Khushiyan Mangiyan Ne,

With my pen, I attempt to write in admiration of you, my dear.
Every morning, I pray for your happiness in life.

Os Rabb Sache Ton Heere Ni,
Suneya Koi Khali Mudeya Ni,
Jo Judeya Ae Oh Tooteya Ni,
Jo Tooteya Ae Oh Judeya Ni,

I have heard that no one has ever returned empty-handed from the Almighty God.
Once someone joins God, they never separate again, and once someone is separated, they never join again.

Ni Sanu Babe Aap Milaya Ae,
Ohde Nal Ta Razamandiyan Ne,
Uth Pehle Pehar Nu Han Diye,
Tere Layi Khushiyan Mangiyan Ne,

We have an agreement with God that has brought us together.
Every morning, I wake up and pray for your prosperous and happy life, my sweetheart.

Ho Tu Kol Hove Chit Khirda Ae,
Bhave Do Pal Layi Aaya Kar,
Kinj Hasna Ae Kinj Vasna Ae,
Rabb Rangiye Ni Samjhaya Kar,

Whenever you’re around, my mood is always happy. Please spend some time with me, even if it’s only for a little while.
Beloved God, teach me how to laugh and live.

Mera Na Leke Kuj Aakhya Tu,
Tere Ton Koyalan Sangiyan Ne,
Uth Pehle Pehar Nu Han Diye,
Tere Layi Khushiyan Mangiyan Ne,

Your voice is so beautiful that even the nightingales are shy.
I have prayed for your happiness in the early mornings, my darling.

Oh Tere Pind Da Reta Khand Baneya,
Tu Rabb Ban Gi Mutiyare Ne,
Tere Rahan Vich Phul Kirde Ne,
Main Chuk Ke Gal Nal La Laye Ni,

To me, the sand and dust of your village have become as sweet as sugar.
You are like God to me.
I picked the flowers that were on your path and embraced them.

Ni Nirvair Panu Nu Gal La Le,
Kar Reham Hawavan Thandiyan Ne,
Uth Pehle Pehar Nu Han Diye,
Tere Layi Khushiyan Mangiyan Ne,

Please, be merciful and embrace me, my dear. It feels cold to be alone in love.
I pray for your happiness and prosperity in life every morning, my sweetheart.

Ambran Vich Tera Mukh Vekhan,
Dharti Te Teriyan Bhedan Ni,
Chal Nadi Kinare Beh Jaiye,
Tera Na Laindiyan Lehran Ni,

I search for your face in the clouds and your footsteps on the ground.
Let’s sit by the riverbank and listen to the waves sing your name.

Teri Khusbu Aa Gi Wah Bnke,
Mere Kol Hawavan Langiyan Ne,
Uth Pehle Pehar Nu Han Diye,
Tere Layi Khushiyan Mangiyan Ne,

Your fragrance has come to me like the beautiful breeze.
Every morning, I wake up and pray for your well-being, my dear.

Odon Jad Mera Na Leke,
Mainu Pehli Bar Bulaya Tu,
Mere Akhran Nu Jo Tere Ne,
Odon Pehli Var Salaaya Tu,

When you first called out my name and praised my poetry about you, it meant a lot to me.

Tut Javan Na Darr Lagda Jo,
Ishqe Diyan Doran Gandiyan Ne,
Uth Pehle Pehar Nu Han Diye,
Tere Layi Khushiyan Mangiyan Ne,

I cherish our love and worry about it breaking.
Every morning, I pray for your happiness, my dear.

Tere Hathan De Vich Muk Javan,
Mainu Hor Na Aas Umeedan Ni,
Sade Vehde Di Tu Shah Ban Je,
Aahi Tan Meriyan Reejhan Ni,

My only desire in life is to pass away in your arms, my love.
But I also dream of making you the bride of my home.

Bas Sir Gaj Li Muhre Bapu De,
Tenu Hor Na Koi Pabandiyan Ne,
Uth Pehle Pehar Nu Han Diye,
Tere Layi Khushiyan Mangiyan Ne,

All I ask is that you cover your head as a sign of respect in front of my father.
There are no other restrictions on you, my dear.
Once again, every morning, I pray for your happiness.

Yaran Asan Nu Aana Sawal Kita,
Qissa Heer Da Nawa Banaiye Ji,
Es Prem Di Jhok Da Sab Qissa Oh
Te Jeebh Sohni De Nal Sunaiye Ji,

My loved one approached me and suggested that we make our love story unforgettable.
They proposed that we share the cherished moments and stories from our relationship with the world.

Nal Ajab Bahar De Sher Kehke,
Ranjhe Heer Da Mel Karaiye Ji,
Oh Yaran Nal Behke Vich Majlisan De,
Maza Heer De Ishq Da Paiye Ji,

Before mentioning our first encounter, we should recite poetry to enhance the story.
We can entertain our friends in social gatherings by narrating our love story.

Ishqe Vich Dhokhe Dhadiyan Ne,
Main Padheya Ranjhe Heeran Cho,
Tu Door Na Hoji Darr Lagda,
Masaa Paya Main Taqdeeran Cho,

I’ve come across stories of love where deceit is a common theme.
I feel fortunate to have you in my life, and I’m afraid of losing you.

Kayi Vari Ladeya Rabb Nal Main,
Kayi Vari Hoiyan Sandhiyan Ne,
Uth Pehle Pehar Nu Han Diye,
Tere Layi Khushiyan Mangiyan Ne,

I’ve had my share of fights with God, but we’ve also reconciled many times.
Every morning, I pray for your happiness bright and early.

Tu Hath Fad Leya Ae Pariye Ni,
Swargan Ton Das Ki Lena Main,
Tere Ton Sikhda Han Diye,
Tenu Das Hor Ki Kehna Main,

My dear beloved, you have been like an angel to me.
I don’t care about heaven because you have been with me every step of the way.

Tu Jan Meri Sab Jan Di Ae,
Tu Hi Tan Akalan Vandiyan Ne,
Uth Pehle Pehar Nu Han Diye,
Tere Layi Khushiyan Mangiyan Ne.

You have taught me everything I know and you are my everything.
Every early morning, I pray for your happiness.

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Ishq Punjabi Music Video | Nirvair Pannu

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Ishq Song Details
Name of Song Ishq
Vocalizer Nirvair Pannu
Lyricist Nirvair Pannu
Instrumentalist Deol Harman

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