Jaane Woh Kaise Log The – SANAM

Jaane Woh Kaise song Sanam

Lyrics to SANAM’s latest cover song “Jaane Woh Kaise Log The Jinke Pyar Ko Pyar Mila” with verse to verse English translation is here.


Jaane woh kaise log the
Jinke pyar ko paar mila
Hum ne to jab kaliyna maangi
Kaanton ka haar mila.

I wonder what kind of people find their love reciprocated
Whenever I asked for flowers, I received a garland of thorns.

Khushiyon ii manzil dhundi toh
Gham ki gard milii
Chaahat ke nagme chahe to
Aahein sard milii.

I searched for a destination of joy,
but I found a circle of sadness
I desired tales of love, but I received only the coldness of sighs.

Dil kii bojh ko doona kar gaya
Jo gamkhaar mila.

The burdens of my heart only doubled,
if I met someone meant to relieve my sorrow.

Humne toh jab kaliyan maangi
Kanton ka haar mila
Jane wo kaise log they jinke
Pyar ko pyar mila.

Bichhad gaya, bichhad gaya ‘gar saathii dekar
Pal do pal ka saath
Kisko fursat hai jo thaame diiwano ka haath
Hum toh apna saya tak aqsar bezaar mila.

Every companion gave me a few moments of company, and left
After all, who has the free time to hold a crazy man’s hand?
Even my own shadow is often weary of me.

Hum ne to jab kaliyaan mangi
Kaanto ka haar milaa,
Jaane woh kaisey log they jinke
Pyaar ko pyaar mila.

Isko hi jeena kehte hai toh
Yunhi jee lenge,
Uff na karenge, lab si lenge
Aanshu pii lenge pii lenge,

Gam se ab ghabraana qaisa,
Gam sau baar mila.

If this is what they called life, then I will live like this
I will not sigh, I will seal my lips, and swallow my tears
After all, how can I be concerned by sadness?
I have met sadness a hundred times.

Humne toh jab kaliyan maangi
Kanton ka haar mila
Jaane wo kaise log they jinke
Pyar ko pyar mila.