Jahaan Tum Ho Lyrics {English Translation}: Shrey Singhal

Shrey Singhal’s song “Jahaan Tum Ho Lyrics Translation” is a touching expression of love and companionship that will resonate with many listeners. The song is sung in Hindi and captures the essence of being inseparable from one’s beloved. The lyrics are heartfelt and beautifully convey deep emotions.

jaha tum ho waha me bhi hu lyrics english

Title Jahaan Tum Ho
Vocalist(s) Shrey Singhal
Lyricist(s) Abhendra Kumar Upadhyay
Producer(s) Shrey Singhal

The translated Hindi lyrics of Shrey Singhal’s “Jahaan Tum Ho Waha Mai Bhi Hu” song convey the idea of a deep connection and dependence on the beloved’s presence. The song compares various aspects of life to their significance, emphasizing their role in bringing happiness and joy.


Jahan Tum Ho Wahin Main Hoon,
Wherever you go, there I am.
Tere Na Hone Se Lagta Hai Main Kyun Hoon,
Without you, I wonder why I even exist.
Tu Hi Mera Kal Hai, Tu Hi Mera Aaj,
You are my tomorrow and today.

Subah Ki Karvaton Si Jo Hai,
Like the restless turning and twisting in bed in the morning,
Sham Ki Harkaton Si Jo Hai,
Like the bustling activities of the evening,

Bat Bhi Fursaton Ki Jo Hai,
Like the enjoyable conversations of leisure
Wahi Tum Ho,
That’s who you are.

Jo Aahat Khushiyon Ke Jalne Ki,
The sensation of happiness being sparked,
Jo Rahat Neendon Se Milne Ki,
The comfort of encountering in one’s dreams,

Jo Aadat Khwabon Ke Udne Ki,
The tendency to fly in one’s dreams,
Wahi Tum Ho,
That is who you are.
Tu Hi Mera Kal Hai, Tu Hi Mera Aaj,
You are my tomorrow and today.

Main Shayad Hoon Yakeen Tum Ho,
Maybe I am, but you are the certainty.
Mere Chehre Pe Thehri Ik Hansi Tum Ho,
You bring a lasting smile to my face.

Tera Milna Yun Rozana,
Meeting you every day
Lage Sanson Ki Aadat Tumko Dohrana,
It feels like a habit to breathe, repeating yourself.
Tu Hi Mera Kal Hai, Tu Hi Mera Aaj,
You are my tomorrow and today.

Hawayein Tujhse Jo Guzri Hain,
Mujhe Woh Sansein Banke Mili Hain,

I took in the breezes that went through you like breaths.
Zindagi Ki Tarah Thehri Hai Dekho Na Tum,
I have stayed like the essence of life. You can see, it’s because of you.

Kabhi Alfaz Banke Mere,
At times, the words that are mine,
Zara Honthon Pe Yun Reh Lena,
Stay on my lips for a while,

Main Bolun Aur Sunayi Dena Hamesha Tum,
Let me talk and express myself, It’s always you who listens patiently.
Tu Hi Mera Kal Hai, Tu Hi Mera Aaj,
You are my tomorrow and today.

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