Jannat – Aatish

Jannat song AatishJannat Lyrics with English translation is here – The Punjabi song is recently hummed by Aatish. Nirmaan is the lyricist and loving music tone has been produced by Gold Boy. The True Makers directed ‘JANNAT’s’ romantic music video features young artist Aatish and super gorgeous Mehak Gupta.



Mere karma ch
Tere jeyi auni aa
Je eh gal pata hundi,

Mere jaye aashiq ton
Kade vi bhull ke na
Koyi khataa hundi.

Girl like you are, is going to come into my life,
If I knew this, I would never make a mistake in love.

Tu koyal di awaaz jahi
Kise surile saaz jahi
Tainu paake lagge jiwein mannat mil gayi.

Mere jaye paapi nu
Dukhan de saathi nu
Tere jayi jannat mil gayi -x2.

You’re like a melodious voice of Cuckoo bird,
Like some soothing instrument
Having you made me feel like a wish has come true,
To a sinner like me
To the fellow of griefs
A heaven like you have been given.

Tu zindagi wich aayi
Main hasna sikh leya
Dil nu mere
Main khush rakhna sikh leya -x2.

Jazbaat luka ke rakhda si
Har mehfil wich jo
Hun har mauke te khull ke nachna sikh leya.

You came into my life and I learned to smile
I learned to make my heart happy
The one who used to hid his emotions in all the gatherings,
Has learned to dance freely on every occasion.

Tu mainu injh naseeb hoyi
Jivein door koi takleef hoyi
Marde nu jeen di
Nawi himmat mil gayi.

You made me lucky by coming in my life
Like some pain relieved away
As a dying man has got a new courage.

Mere jaye papi nu
Dukhaan de saathi nu
Tere jayi jannat mil gayi -x2.

Tu door howein
Taan main ik pal layi darr jawaan
Bin tere jeen ton changa ae
Main marr jawaan -x2,

If you go away for a moment, It scares me
Better I die than living without you.

Mere jaye paapi nu
Dukhan de saathi nu
Tere jayi jannat mil gayi -x2.

Nirmaan de naa nal yaad karan ge lok tainu
Teri khaatir ishq ‘ch kujh aisa main kar jawaan,

Si kore kaagaz warga main
Kive apne wich rang bharda main
Berang zindagi nu rangat mil gayi,

People would remember you with Nirmaan’s name
Want to do something like that,
I was like a blank paper
How could I color my inner self
The colorless life has got colors from you.

Mere jaye papi nu, sathi nu
Jannat mil gayi,

Mere jaye paapi nu dukha de saathi nu
Tere jayi jannat mil gyi.

Album Name: Jannat [Punjabi]
Performers: Aatish
Lyrics Writer(s): Nirmaan
Video Director: True Makers
Music Director: Goldboy
Label: White Hill Music