Jordan Lyrics – A Kay

Jordan Lyrics: The most controversial Punjabi singer A Kay is back with another massive track ‘JORDAN’ whose mind blowing music beats are produced by Snappy with exotic music video directed by M. Osman.The song is written by new comer lyricist Rav Hanjra while Speed Records is the music company who brought the whole project.

Song Name:Jordan

Artist: A kay

Lyrics Writer(s): Rav Hanjra

Music Director: Snappy

Video Director: M. Osman

Label: Speed Records

Jordan is name of the most recent Punjabi song which is brilliantly sung by A Kay with its lyrics crafted by Rav Hanjra.The beat song is composed by Snappy and you can read its full lyric on Lyricsraag.Com


Jordan de shoe pairaan vich
Kaali hoodie mitran ne payi hoi ae (x2),

Ho kudiyan enquiry
Ho mere utte akh rakhdiyan gehri (x2),

Ho par kudiyan ton doori ji banayi hoi ae.

Jordan de shoe pairan wich
Kali hoodie mitran ne payi hoyi ae,
Jordan de shoe pairan wich.

Killer alligence poori Ok aa report
Hiq taan turi da ae sir Babe di ae oat (x2),

Golden chains, Rolex
Golden chains, Rolex
Ho naale khabbi baahn te
A kay vi khunayi hoi ae.

# Ho Jordan de shoe pairaan vich
Kaali hoodie mitraan ne paayi hoyi ae (x3).

Set karda trend
Karaan kise nu na follow,

Thodde dil vich jo vi
Aake sidha muh te bolo (x2).

Ho respect ohna layi jede karde
Respect veeran nu jede karde support,
Thode sir te hi gal sire layi hoi ae.

Ho #Jordan de shoe pairan vich
Kaali hoodie mitran ne billo payi hoyi ae (x3).

Kam karda aa big,
Gal karda na long (x2),
Munda state main pind karda belong.

Rav Hanjra yaaran nal khadi da (x2),
Ho naale vairiyan di pooshal chukayi hoyi ae.

Jordan de shoes pairan wich
Kali hoodie mitran ne pai hoi ae (x3).

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