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Here is the most awaited song “Just Listen” from promising songster BYG BYRD and the proficient lyrics writer “Sidhu Moose Wala,” He is literally vocalist of the track also. T-Dot Films have created music video of this Punjabi song, Humble music has proudly released it.

The song is all about Sidhu Moose Wala’s music journey, in which he tells how he came up and what everyone thinks about me. He solidly replies to his backbiters through every single line of “Just Listen” track and here you can get translated meaning of its lyrics in English as well.


Bada kujh suneya apne baare
Sidhu eh, Sidhu oh..

You all can say what you want
But don’t forget, Dil da ni mada.

Jihton ban naiyo hunda
Oh sarhde mere ton
Kayi faide ate khabran ne kadd’de mere ‘cho
Kayi khud nu banauna chaunde mere warga
Kai zindagi jeyona kiwein parhde mere ton -x2.

The ones who can’t be it, They are jealous of me,
Some make profit and others make news out of me,
While some want to be like me
Where as rest learn to live from me.

Kayi aakhde ne gaah munda payi janda aa
Kithon geet kadd-kadd ke le’ayi janda aa
Kayi YouTube aale ustad aakhde
Saala ikko hi tarj wich gaayi janda aa.

Some say, “The boy is doing really well,
Where is he bringing all these songs from ?”
Few YouTubers call me a teacher
While the rest say, He’s singing all the songs on same composition.

Jehdi gairan siron paayi
Oh position ni hundi
Jedi hate naal vekhi
Sahi vision ni hundi.

The one achieved with the support of others, isn’t a position
The perspective taken with hate isn’t a true vision.

Jede mere vich kamiyan ne kadd de,
Oh bai ji vicharan di composition ni hundi,
Ohi aakhde ne maada jede chad de mere ton.

People who find flaws in me
Brothers, There is no composition to thoughts
Only those badmouth about me, Who envy me.

Jiton ban nahiyo hunda
Oh sarhde mere to
Kayi faide ate khabran ne kadd’de mere cho
Kayi khud nu banauna chaunde mere varga
Kayi zindagi jeyona kive parhde mere ton -x2.

Who can’t be it, They are envious of me
Many make profit from me and make news on me
While some wish to become as I am and rest learn from mem how to live,

Jehde paise deke challe,
Kalakar’an wichon naa,
Galli baati uddde jo star’an wichon na,

Facebook utte vidhvaan bane baithe jede,
Ohna parhe likheyan gawara wicho na,
Main mehnat aa kiti,
Kade haarha naiyo kita,

Publicity layi koyi pawada naiyo kita
Jo vi aa mukam ajj dita rabb ne
Sadaa kiti aa support kade saarha naiyo kita,

Muh te bai-bai
Wichon saale rad’de mere ton…

Artists who paid to get fame,
I’m not one of them,
Who simply brag around, neither I’m one of those.People who are being so savant on Facebook,
I’m not one of those well educated illiterates
I have worked real hard and never begged for it.Never did any stunts for publicity
The position I’m on day is blessed by God
Have always supported others, never got anxious,On my face they call me brother, But inside their heart, they are so envious.

Jihton ban naiyo hunda
Oh sarhde mere ton
Kai faide ate khabran ne kadd’de mere ‘cho
Kai khud nu banona chaunde mere warga
Kai zindagi jeyona kiwein parhde mere ton -x2.

Oh lokan diyan rehnde jede gallan maarde
Ohna wich dasso galbaat kini hou
Jo shakal ton dekh mainu judge karde
Ohdi khud apni aukaat kinu hou.

The ones who always gossip about others,
Tell me, Have they got dignity ?
The ones who judge me from my face look,
How much capable would they be ?

Main chad de te leh gaye jede
Dina jeha ni
Saaf dilkar bezbina jeha ni
Khud luk ke jo dujeyan nu mada bolde
Main Instagram page admin’a jeha ni,
Saale laa-paa karake fer khad de mere ton….

I’m like the days who arose and ended,
A true heartful person, not a dumb
Ones who hid in the shadows and talk bad about others
It’s not me, who is like those Instagram page admins,
Then they nicely get whacked by me.

Jiton ban nahiyo hunda
Oh sarhde mere to
Kayi faide ate khabran ne karhde mere cho
Kayi khud nu banauna chaunde mere varga
Kayi zindagi jeyona kiwe parhde mere ton -x2.

Meri maa mera rabb
Jihdi kukhon hoya paida
Ohne zindagi jeyon da sikhaya ikko qaida
Jithe teri puttra zameer muk gayi
Ho mar jaawi othe koyi jeyon da nai faida,
Tahin dalle, saudebazaan naa’ kalaam naiyo meri
Kise aire-gaire bande nu salaam naiyo meri
Jina chir likhugi eh sach likhugi
Horan wangu kalam gulaam naiyo meri.

My mother is my God, From whose womb I took bearth
She taught me the only rule to live,
Oh my son the moment when your conscience/self-respect dies
You may die at the moment as well, there is nothing more to live,That’s why, with brokers and business persons I have got nothing to do,
I don’t compliment every other walking individual
As far my pen would write, It shall write the truth only
And it’s not slave like other songwriters.

BYG BYRD on the beat!
All they ain’t know me
Why they ain’t know me.

Ho gall kalli-kalli geetan ch gadoyi payi ae
Dekh Moose Aala, Moose Aala hoyi payi ae
Sidhu Moose Aala, Moose Aala hoyi payi ae.

Every single thought is jotted in the songs
See It’s Moose Wala, Moose Wala happening everywhere.

I’m a, I’ma brown boy,
Yeah! Salute to my big ones,
To all my fans, respect baby,
Sidhu Moose Wala.

Album Name: Just Listen (Punjabi)
Artists: Sunny Malton, Sidhu Moose Wala
Lyrics Writer: Sidhu Moose Wala
Video Director: TDOT Films
Music Director: BYG BYRD
Label: Humble Music
Release Date: 05 Jan,2018

JUST LISTEN LYRICS from BYG BYRD – The latest song of Sidhu Moose Wala has video direction of T-Dot films while the stanza is penned by singer. Humble Music acquires copyrights of  Punjabi song.