Kabhi Tumhe Yaad Meri Aaye Lyrics Translation β€” Shershaah | Darshan Raval

Kabhi Tumhe Yaad Meri Aaye from the Hindi movie ‘Shershaah’ featuring Sidharth Malhotra, Kiara Advani is a attractive song, and it has smashing singing by Darshan Raval. The stylish lyrics of the record are wrote down by Rashmi Virag. Javed-Mohsin is the drummer of KABHI TUMHE’s dazzling music. The fancy music video of the poetry is counseled by Vishnuvardhan.


Song: Kabhi Tumhe
Movie: Shershaah
Singer(s): Darshan Raval
Songwriter(s): Rashmi Virag
Composer(s): Javed-Mohsin
Director: Vishnuvardhan
Actor(s): Kiara Advani, Sidharth Malhotra
Language: Hindi language


Tum Agar Manaoge Toh Maan Jaunga
If only you’d ask, I’d melt and give in.
Main Tere Bulane Pe Laut Aaunga
At your beck and call. I’ll be ready to return

Har Safar Mein Sath Tera
In every journey of life,
Main Yun Hi Nibhaunga
I would accompany you like this.

Kabhi Tumhhe Yaad Meri Aaye
If you ever miss me,
Palkon Se Zulf Hata Lena
Just open your eyes and see.

Saaf Dikhunga Main Tumko Wahin
You’ll find me right before you.
Jo Na Dikhun Toh Bata Dena
And if not then let me know.

Kabhi Mujhe Der Jo Ho Jaaye
If ever I am delayed,
Wakt Ko Thoda Bacha Lena
Just stop the clock for me.

Phir Se Milunga Main Tumko Wahin
You’ll find me where we left,
Jo Na Milun Toh Saza Dena
And if not then punish me.

Meri Zameen Ko Tere Kadam Ka
Na Jaane Kab Se Tha Intezaar
My eyes have been waiting for your footsteps, for long enough.

Ek Na Ek Din Aana Hai Tumko
Dil Ko Mere Hai Yeh Aitbaar
One day you would come back, my heart believes it.
Main Khuda Se Tere Siwa, Kuch Aur Na Magunga
I would never ask anything from God, but you.

Kabhi Tumhe Yaad Meri Aaye
Itni Si Baat Samajh Jaana
If you ever miss me, just know it in your heart.
Phir Se Milunga Main Tumko Wahin
Raah Se Meri Guzar Jaana
You’ll find me where we left, so come by my way.

Shershaah Film’s Kabhi Tumhe Music Video | Ft. Sidharth Malhotra, Kiara Advani

Take a look at the most recent music video for Kabhi Tumhe from a fancy movie Shershaah.

Let’s play Kabhi Tumhe Song Lyrics that Darshan Raval superbly crooned and are featured in the Shershaah film of Sidharth Malhotra, Kiara Advani . The lyrics writer drafted the Kabhi Tumhe Hindi lyrics and Vishnuvardhan orientatedthe music video.