Kache Pakke Yaar – Parmish Verma

Kache Pakke Yaar is an entertaining song dedicated to all the international students, who are studying abroad in universities, away from their homes, family. The Punjabi tune has vocals of Parmish Verma and lyrics of Mandeep Mavi. The likeable music production to the track is from Desi Crew.


Ho aje nawe-nawe aaye,
Ho lakhan supne le’aye
Ho kayi aaye ne zameen gehne dhar dharke.

We have just arrived, have brought thousands of dreams,
Many have come here by selling their lands back at home.

Aje yaar saare kache ho jawange ni pakke
Utton kachi pakki naina wich neend radke.

All the friends are temporary workers yet
We would get permanent residence,
And also we are in unsound sleep.

Aithe pata laggeya ki duniya de rang ne
Mitran pyareyan ne kam rakhe wand ne.

After coming here only, knew the real colors of world
The dearest brothers have shared the tasks.

Koi maanje bhaande,
Aish pind waali bhull ke
Koi launda gas utte tatte-tatte fulke,

Raati shift’an ton aaon kayi jaan tadke.

Some have been washing dishes, apart from the comforts of their villages
Somebody is making hot Chapatis in the kitchen
While others comeback from shifts at midnight and rest have got to go for it.

Aje yaar sare kachey ho javange ni pakkey
Uton kachi pakki naina vich neend radkey.

Phone jado kare bebe khush-khush rayida
Kina putt tang,
Pata laggan ni deyi da.

Whenever mother calls, We pretend to be happy,
Never let her know, How troubled her son is.

Naal-deyan yaaran vicho bebe bapu takki de
Hauke dabban nu datt botlan de patti de,

Fer launda parmishu peg bhar bhar ke.

The brothers are treated as parents,
To release stress, we drink alcohol,
And then Parmish takes it one after another.

Ajey yaar sare kache ho jawange ni pakke
Utton kachi pakki naina vich neend radke.

Yet all the brothers are temporary here,
Would become permanent, and we are half-asleep.

Nerhe hoke suni rab,
Sochon vadh paa leya
Rajjke soyi da hun moju khede waleya.

The God has answered to my prayers
And I got everything more than I could ever thought to have
So now I sleep carefree.

Apne traaleyan te got dite jadne
Vaddiyan ne gaddiyan te apne hi ghar ne.

Main kam horan thalley kita
Bada darr-darr ke.

Have pasted the last names behind our own trucks
Have got big luxury cars and have own houses too,
And even I fearfully worked under others before.

Aje yaar saare kache ho jawange ni pakke
Utton kachi pakki naina wich nind radke.

Kache Pakke Yaar song lyric Parmish Verma

The lyrics to kache pakke yaar Punjabi song with its translation is here. You can watch HD music video of song directed by Parmish Verma and if have complications understanding the lyric, here is meaning of them as well.

Album Name: Kache Pakke Yaar(Punjabi)
Performers: Parmish Verma
Songwriter: Mandeep Maavi
Video Director: Parmish Verma
Music Director: Desi Crew
Label: Speed Records
Release Date: Jan 21, 2018