Kadhal Psycho Lyrics (Tamil Song) | Translation | Saaho

Translation of ‘Kadhal Psycho’ a Tamil Song Ft. Prabhas from his film Saaho. The singes are Anirudh Ravichander, Dhvani Bhanushali.Check Kadhal Psycho meaning in English. Madhan Karky is songwriter for Tamil lyrics.

Kadhal Psycho lyrics translation saaho Tamil

Song Name: Kadhal Psycho (Tamil)
Movie Name: Saaho (Tamil)
Singer(s): Anirudh Ravichander, Dhvani Bhanushali
Lyrics Writer(s): Madhan Karky
Music Director(s): Tanishk Bagchi
Video Director(s): Sujeeth
Star Cast: Prabhas, Shraddha Kapoor
Record Label: โ„— 2019 Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited


Tera Main! Tera Main!
I’m yours… I’m yours… I’m yours… I’m totally yours.

Mudhal Sirippil, Idhaiyatha Edutha,
Adutha Murai Urakkatha Kedutha,
Theliyavechu Mayakaththa Kodutha,
Pennae Unmel Enakko Kirukoo Kirukoo,

She stole my heart with her first smile
The next time she spoilt my sleep.
She awoke me then intoxicated me.
Girl I’m crazy about you, crazy.

Nee Suththa Vitta, Loop-il Naanum Thirinjen,
Naan Kenji Kenji Anju Kilo Koranjen,

I kept roaming in the loop you spun.
I begged and begged and lost 5 KGs.

Un Tinder Profile Paththu Konjam Erinjen,
Idhaiyathil Enakidam Irukoo Irukoo,

I saw your tinder profile and got a little jealous.
Is there any space in you heart for me.

Nee Enna Kekkaadha,
Possessive Aagaadha,
Azhagiya Aangal, Enna Konjippesa,
Anga Konjam Nenjum Broke-o,

Don’t ask for me, don’t get possessive.
When handsome men speak to me.
Did your heart break a little?

Inga Paaru Kaadhal Psycho (or Cracko).

Look here, love psycho.

Tera Main! Tera Main! Dama-Dama-Damaa-Dam!
I’m yours… I’m yours… I’m yours… I’m totally yours.

Naan Adakkam, Ozhukathin Dictionary,
Paathadhumae Vanangura Maadhiri (x2),

My walk is like dictionary.
Wanting to buy as soon as you see it.

Un Sandhegatha Nee Eri,
Naan Almost Seedhai Dhaan,

Burn your doubts.
I’m almost seetha.

Oh Kannae Kannae Paar,
Naan Dhaan Un Chowkidhaar,
Un Manasukku Kaaval,
Udambukku Kaadhal,
Rendum Tharum Dhegam Dekho,

Oh dear look here, I’m your guard.
A guard for your heart, love for your body.
I’ll give you both, soon, look here.

Inga Paaru Kaadhal Psycho,
Look here, love cracko.


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