Kafka Lyrics English {Translation}: Amrinder Gill | Gurlez Akhtar

“Kafka Lyrics Translation” by Amrinder Gill and Gurlez Akhtar, produced by Dr. Zeus and directed by Diljot Garcha, features Amrinder Gill and Navi Brar. The song blends traditional Punjabi music with modern twist and cleverly integrates literary references with contemporary themes. “Kafka” has gained positive attention online for its unique blend of old and new.

Kafka Lyrics English Translation Amrinder Gill Gurlez Akhtar
Title Kafka
Vocalist(s) Amrinder Gill, Gurlez Akhtar
Lyricist(s) Raj Ranjodh
Producer(s) Dr. Zeus

The lyrics of Amrinder Gill’s “Kafka” discuss themes of love, admiration, and cultural pride. The song portrays a young man reading Kafka’s works while his companion carries a firearm, representing the juxtaposition of innocence and authority. It evokes emotions of admiration and nostalgia, highlighting the complexities of modern relationships and cultural identity. Musically, “Kafka” combines traditional Punjabi rhythms with modern beats. Dr. Zeus’s production adds depth and energy to the song, making it memorable and impactful.

Many people are searching online for the meaning of the word ‘Kafka’, which is the title of the latest song from Amrinder Gill’s recent Punjabi album “Judaa 3 Chapter 2.” The song is a duet, with Gurlez Akhtar singing the girl’s lines, telling Amrinder Gill that he reads novels by ‘Franz Kafka,’ who was a German-speaking Bohemian Jewish novelist and writer from Prague.


O Gabru Aa Innocent Jeha,
Latt Leaderi Ch Layi Hoyi Aa,
Aap Ve Tu Padhe Kafka, Aap Ve Tu Padhe Kafka,
Gun Chele Nu Fadhayi Hoyi Aa,

Oh, naive young man,
You’re involved in a position of authority.
You peruse literature by Franz Kafka, and your companion is carrying your firearm.

O Rakhda Ae Mathe Tiodi Ve,
Jiven Saheli Nal Ladhayi Hoyi Aa,
O Munda Mainu Sohna Lagda,
Ve Jine Muchh Jahi Chadayi Hoyi Aa,

You maintain a scowl on your face,
As if you’ve had an argument with your girlfriend.
Oh, young man, I admire the man who has cultivated a mustache.

Oh Aini Sohni Surat Kude,
Rabb Janat Banayi Hoyi Aa,
Mathe Utte Rakhe Dhoop Nu,
Rat Walan Ch Lukayi Hoyi Aa,

Oh, what a lovely visage you possess,
A paradise fashioned by God,
You hold the sun upon your brow,
And in the night, conceal the stars.

Gutt Mera Na Likh Ke,
Ho Gutt Mera Na Likh Ke,
Utte Kangani Chadayi Hoyi Aa,
Ni Akh Teri Gal Dasdi,
Jehdi Dil Ch Lukayi Hoyi Aa,

You inked my name onto your wrist and enhanced it by adorning it with a bracelet.
The words hidden in your heart are told by the look in your eyes.

Haye Futt-Futt Dhood Sohneya Udaun’ge,
26 Inch Tyre Teri Rubicon De,
Ho Kari Sardari Ni Tu Thok Ke Kude,
Ghabri Na Jatt Tere Nal Honge,

Leke Aaye Aa Jehde Kurte Abohar Ton,
Kiniyan Ve Kudiyan De Dil Khohan Ge,
Jithon Banwaye Kurte Main Adiye,
Suit Vi Sawayein Tere Nal Aun’ge,

The kurtas that you have custom-made from Abohar will make many girls admire you when they see you wearing them.
I will have suits made for you from the same place where I get mine.

Jo Nadiyan De Dil Thar Da,
Ohde Seene Agg Layi Hoyi Aa,
O Munda Mainu Sohna Lagda,
Ve Jine Muchh Jahi Chadayi Hoyi Aa,

I have committed to igniting the hearts of many girls.
I am attracted to man that sport moustaches.

Han Wekhne Nu Lagda Shareef Hunda Aa,
Tije Bande Nal Tera Beef Hunda Aa,
Ik Mint Disey Aadiyan Ch Hasda,
Duje Mint Gussa Tera Peak Hunda Aa,

You appear mild-mannered from a distance, but you hold grudges against other men.
You chuckle briefly, and then you become aggravated in the following minute.

Ho Aida Te Ni Bina Galon Larhde Kude,
Kayi Ne Shalaru Sirr Chade Kude,
Pith Nahio Laggan Ditti Raj Ne,
Nal Jehde Hik Thok Khade Kude,

We don’t engage in conflict without cause, my dear.
Numerous individuals require being taught a lesson.
I have consistently been there for my supportive friends.

Ve Jan Meri Niki Jahi Ve,
Haye Jan Meri Niki Jahi Ve,
Wade Raule Ch Fasai Hoyi Aa,

My existence is insignificant, yet you have entangled me in a significant struggle.

Ni Akh Teri Gal Dasdi,
Jehdi Dil Ch Lukayi Hoyi Aa,
O Munda Mainu Sohna Lagda,
Ve Jine Muchh Jahi Chadayi Hoyi Aa,

The tale concealed in your heart is conveyed by your eyes.
I am drawn to men who have mustaches.

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Kafka Music Video

The music video complements the song’s narrative by featuring both rural and urban scenes, emphasizing the cultural fusion. The traditional attire and modern elements reflect the song’s message of embracing heritage and contemporary influences. Amrinder Gill and Gurlez Akhtar’s performances bring depth to the lyrics, resonating emotionally with the audience.

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