Kalaigiradhey Kanave Song Lyrics by Govind Vasantha from Ponmagal Vandhal Tamil Movie (also spelled as Pon Magal Vandhal) feature Jyotika in its just-released lyrical music video. Uma Devi has jotted down the Tamil song lyrics and Govind Vasantha also has produced the music. Read complete lyrics for Kalaigiradhe Kanave track.

PonMagal Vandhal - Kalaigiradhey Kanave Lyric
Song Name: Kalaigiradhey Kanave (Tamil)
Album/Movie: Ponmagal Vandhal (2020)
Singer(s): Govind Vasantha
Lyrics Writer(s): Uma Devi
Music Director(s): Govind Vasantha
Music Video Features: Jyotika

Kalaigiradhey Kanave, Pon Magal Vandhal’s latest track motivates you not to give in to the depression and instead seek to shine brighter like a happy morning. In these challenging times, the song and its meaningful lyrics are the only inspiration you need to remain strong. The powerful words of Uma Devi paired with the soothing vocals of Govind Vasantha sound like nothing more than a wonder for this first track and we are definitely looking forward to the whole music album of the film. While it’s a lyrical song and can or may not release its video too soon, it effectively strikes a chord with the listeners. The sound of Govind Vasantha has the potential of making this new track an absolute success with the audiences who look forward to enjoying something calming.


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Kalaigirathe Kanave, Vidiyadhoo Irave,
Vazhve Inimel Vali Agadha,

Maraithidalam Satchi, Maraithidumoo Katchi,
Unmai Orunal Arangeradha,

Ookath Thunaiye Unsol Valiye,
Yekkam Thanthal Yennaven,
Kakkum Karame Vizhigal Mooda,
Enge Selven Ini Nane,

Vali Illa Katil, Tholainthena Ilai,
Vali Thedi Vanam Thoduvena,

Ilaiyellam Vilunthalum,
Maram Ingu Veezhadhu Ilavenil,
Adhu Needhane,

Irul Unnai Soolnthalum,
Irulagi Pogathe Oli Yendhu,
Adi Pagale Nee, Kalangal Unnodu,
Kayangal Katrodu Va Va,
Vazhthu Parkalam,

Pogatha Azhangal,
Agaya Thoorangal Povom,
Va Vendru Vaneri,
Valkondu Sayinthalum,
Poradum Veragi Va Va,
Nimirndhu Nirkava,

Poopola Vilamal,
Verpola Nee Meeri, Va Va,
Vagai Soodava Aa,

Pudhirgal Yavum Vidaigal Agi,
Udalil Siragai Tharugiradge,
Vidaigal Thandha Thisaiyil,
Indru Pudhidhai Paravai Parakiradhe,

Pirakkadha Vidiyal Kidaiyadhu, Penne,
Thirakkadha Thisaigal Kidaiyadhu.


Kalaigirathey Kanave Vidiyadhoo Irave
Vazhve Inimel Vali Agadha
Maraithidalam Satchi Maraithidumoo Katchi
Unmai Orunal Arangeradha

Dreams are getting destroyed, hoping for a ray of hope
Is life gonna be full or hurdles?
You may hide the evidence, also the events leading to it.
Won’t truth will come to fruition.

Ookath Thunaiye Unsol Valiye
Yekkam Thanthal Yennaven
Kakkum Karamey Vizhigal Mooda
Enge Selven Ini Nane
Vali Illa Katil Tholainthena Ilai
Vali Thedi Vanam Thoduvena

Heart longs for your support in this painful moment.
I’ve been waiting to speak up, now I wonder what’ll happen to me.
Did I get lost in these dreadful times or will I reach up to the sky on this painful path?

Ilaiyellam Vilunthalum Maram Ingu Veezhadhu
Ilavenil Adhu Needhane
Irul Unnai Soolnthalum Irulagi Pogathey
Oli Yendhu Adi Pagale Nee

Leaves may fall, but the tree never takes a fall.
You’re full of life during the spring.
Even if the darkness encapsulates you, don’t give into it.
Instead you shine bright like a blissful morning.

Kalangal Unnodu Kayangal Katrodu Va Va Vazhthu Parkalam
Pogatha Azhangal Agaya Thoorangal Povom Va Vendru Vaneri
Valkondu Sayinthalum Poradum Veragi Va Va Nimirndhu Nirkava
Poopola Vilamal Verpola Nee Meeri Va Va Vagai Soodava Aa

When I’m with you, pain dissolves into air.
Come on, let’s live the challenge.
Don’t fly too deep into the sky, let’s just keep flying along with the wind.
It doesn’t matter if Morales is broken, we’ll fight courageously.
Come on, dear stand tall.
you don’t wither like a flower, but hold strong like the roots.
Come on ‘O’ dear, don’t let anything stop you.

Pudhirgal Yavum Vidaigal Agi
Udalil Siragai Tharugiradgey
Vidaigal Thandha Thisaiyil
Indru Pudhidhai Paravai Parakiradhey
Pirakkadha Vidiyal Kidaiyadhu Penne
Thirakkadha Thisaigal Kidaiyadhu

All the puzzles are unraveled and echoing inside of me.
I’m flying like a bird in the right direction.
‘O’ dear puzzles always have a solution,
and there’s always a path which opens up.