Kalla Sohna Nai Lyrics (Female) Translation | Asim Riaz & Himanshi Khurana

By Neha Kakkar Kalla Sohna Nai is the female version of the track filmed on Himanshi Khurana & Asim Riaz. Catch the translation of Tu Kalla Sohna Nai. The latest music video has a direction from director Gurinder Bawa.

asim riaz himanshi khurana kalla sohna nai lyrics english

Song Name: Kalla Sohna Nai
Singer(s): Neha Kakkar
Lyrics Writer(s): Babbu
Music Director(s): Rajat Nagpal
Music Video Director: Gurinder Bawa
Music Video Features: Asim Riyaz, Himanshi Khurana
Record Label: Gurinder Bawa


Jo Jo Tu Keh Dinne, Hor Koyi Keh Sakda Nai,
Tu Jiddan Pange Laine, Hor Koyi Lai Sakda Nai,
Tainu Chhad Vi Sakdi An, Rakheya Kar Mera Dar Ve,

In the manner you talk to me, no other is allowed to do so.
The way you mess around with me, no other is allowed to do that either.
I could leave you if you continue such behavior, you should consider it.

Tu Kalla Hi Sohna Nai, Zyada Na Banneya Kar Ve,
You are not the good-looking guy, so don’t show off too much.

Thodi Der Ch Karda Han, Har Phone Te Kehna Ae,
Ki Pardhan Mantri Ae, Jina Busy Tu Rehna Ae,
Busy Tu Rehna Ae,

“I will call you back shortly,” you tell me each time I call you.
Are you the prime minister, you seem to be such a busiest person.

Mainu Mitha Bohat Pasand Ae, Kade Cake Le Aya Kar,
Kade Hath Tu Fadeya Kar, Kade Pair Dabaya Kar,
Tere Phone Ch Mere Nam, Agge Ek Dil Vi Bhar Ve,

I like sweets very much; buy my cake sometime.
I wish you to hold my hand and press my legs sometimes when I’m tired.
I also want you to save my name on your phone, followed by a heart emoji.

Tu Kalla Hi Sohna Nai, Zyada Na Banneya Kar Ve,
You are not the good-looking guy, so don’t show off too much.

La La La La Zyada Na Baneya Kar Ve,
Tu Kalla Hi Sohna Nai La La La La,

Chahe Pyar Nal Beshak, Mere Val Na Patteya Kar,
Gall Poori Sunneya Kar, Vichon Na Katteya Kar,
Vichon Na Katteya Kar,

Even you do it sweetly, but I’m not too fond of it when you pull my hair.
It would be best if you also let me finish what I am saying, and not interrupt while I am talking.

Ohna Nu Hi Chauna Ae Tu, Main Teri Chat’an Kaddiyan Ne,
Sab Nu Unfollow Kar, Jo Taithon Umar Ch Waddiyan Ne
Babbu Tu Banda Ban, Tere Bina Vi Jana Sar Ve,

I know you admire others, I have read all your chats.
It would help if you unfollowed them all on social media, who are elder than you.
Be a gentleman, or I could live without you anyway.

Tu Kalla Hi Sohna Nai, Zyada Na Banneya Kar Ve,
You are the only handsome in this world, so don’t show off too much.

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