Kangal Edho Lyrics {Meaning}: Chithha | Adi Ovvoru Raa Poluthum Song

“Kangal Edho,” AKA “Adi Ovvoru Raa Poluthum” is a melodious Tamil song from the movie “Chithha,” directed by S. U. Arun Kumar and starring Siddharth and Nimisha Sajayan. The song beautifully captures the essence of love and desire through its heartfelt lyrics, composed by Dhibu Ninan Thomas and penned by Yugabharathi.

Kangal Edho Lyrics Meaning Chithha

The lyrics of “Kangal Edho Theda Kalavada”, with their translation, are a poetic expression of love and longing. They depict the universal feeling of being captivated by someone’s gaze, thoughts, and presence. The singer’s soulful rendition, combined with the haunting melody, creates a mesmerizing experience for the listener. The words vividly convey the emotions of love and infatuation, making the song relatable to anyone who has experienced the magic of romance.

In the movie Chithha, the song likely plays a significant role in conveying the characters’ emotions and relationships. Siddharth and Nimisha Sajayan’s on-screen chemistry, combined with the enchanting music, will leave a lasting impact on the audience.


Kangal Edho Theda Kalavada
My eyes look around to steal…
Nenjam Thane Pada Parandhoda
My heart wants to sing and soar high.

Adi Ovvoru Rappozhudhum
Every day and every night…
Ona Appadi Nan Rasichen
I adore you.
Uyir Kolludhu Onnenappu Kanmaniye Oh
Your thoughts kill me softly, my darling.

Oru Ayiram Vanavilla Onpoovizhi Kattudahdi
I see a million rainbows in your eyes.
Adha Sattunnu Nee Maracha, Nan Enna Seiven Pulla
If you shut them, what am I to do, darling?

Kangal Edho Theda Kalavada
My eyes look around to steal…
Nenjam Thane Pada Parandhoda
My heart wants to sing and soar high.

Velayattu Pechula Vesa Oosi Eathura
When you playfully taunt me, you make me addicted to you.
Nee Lesa Pakka Minnal Kottiduthe
When you glance casually, it lands a lightning bolt.

Oli Panja Onmugam Manasoda Modhuthe
Your lovely face stabs my heart.
Nee Pesum Pechu Aiyo Alliduthe
Your sweet talk bowls me over.

Ennennavo Unkitta Sollavaum Thonudhada
I want to tell you anything and everything.
Kadhal Vanthe Sattunu Sallada Poduthada
But his shy love silences me.

Nadu Nenjula Onnoda Vasam Enna Edhedho Pannudhadi
Your scent mesmerizes me.
Thangadha Sandhosam Nan, Enna Seiven Pulla
You fill me with boundless joy. what am I to do, darling?

Kangal Edho Theda Kalavada, Nenjam Thane Pada Parandhoda
My eyes scan the area for opportunities to steal. My heart longs to sing and fly.
Adi Ovvoru Rappozhudhum, Ona Appadi Nan Rasichen
I admire you every day and every night.
Uyir Kolludhu Onnenappu Kanmaniye Oh
My love, I am slowly dying from your thoughts.

Oru Ayiram Vanavilla Onpoovizhi Kattudhadi
In your eyes, I see a million rainbows.
Adha Sattunnu Nee Maracha Nan Enna Seiven Pulla
What am I to do, dear, if you close them?

The English translation of “Kangal Edho” is a valuable resource for those who may not be familiar with the Tamil language but want to understand the depth of emotions conveyed in the song. It allows a broader audience to connect with the universal themes of love and desire presented in the lyrics. Whether you’re a Tamil speaker or not, the translation enhances the song’s accessibility and appreciation.


In summary, “Kangal Edho” is a song that beautifully encapsulates the essence of love and longing. It’s a testament to the power of music to convey deep emotions and create a lasting impact on the listener. The combination of soulful lyrics, melodic music, and talented artists makes this song stand out in the movie “Chithha” and the world of Tamil music.

Title Kangal Edho
Movie Chithha
Singer(s) Pradeep Kumar, Karthika Vaidyanathan
Lyrics Writer(s) Yugabharathi
Music Composer(s) Dhibu Ninan Thomas
Actor(s) Nimisha Sajayan, Siddharth