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Yabesh Thapa’s “Kasari Lyrics Meaning” is a soul-stirring Nepali melody that brilliantly portrays the emotions of love and yearning. The song encapsulates the essence of love’s fragility, the apprehension of being refused, and the intense urge to articulate one’s sentiments.

Kasari Lyrics English Meaning Yabesh Thapa
Title Kasari
Vocalist(s) Yabesh Thapa
Lyricist(s) Yabesh Thapa
Producer(s) Yabesh Thapa

In the translated Nepali lyrics to his track “Kasari,” singer Yabesh Thapa expresses his emotions and hopes that his beloved will understand them. They feel hurt when their beloved is upset with them and fear rejection, but they wish to convey their love genuinely. The song uses nature as a metaphor to describe the relationship and the singer’s unwavering love and commitment to their beloved.


Malai Aaudainan Sabda Bhanu Timi Lai Ke
I’m hoping you’ll hear me out, my dear, will you give me your ear?
Malai Aaudaina Gafa Lau Imlai Ke
I’m hoping to convey something, my love, will you comprehend?

Malai Tha Chhaina Kati Kura Sikideuna Ae
I’m at a loss for words, my emotions are hard to express.
Timi Risai Baseko Dekhi Pagal Bhaisake
When you’re mad at me, it feels like my heart is shattering.

Malai Aaudaina Fakauna, Timilai Malai Aaunna Jadu Tona,
I wish to whisper magic words, to enchant and captivate you.
Malai Aauchhan Kewal, Sadharan Sabda Ra,
I just want to tell you, that my words are pure and true.
Maya Garchhu Bhanna
To say “I love you”,
Timilai Nai Sadhai Bhari, Fakaunna Pau Esai Gari
I’m scared to say aloud, fearful of rejection,

Yo Tantalapur Ghama Ma Timi Shitala Chhaya
and the pain that could ensue. When the weather is hot and dry, you’re my oasis of shade.
Yo Barkha Orli Aauda Timi Mero Chhata
When the rain is pouring down, you’re my shelter from the storm.
Yo Barnan Nai Garna Nasakine, Maya Lai Kasari Bujhaune
I can’t describe this feeling, how can I explain my love?

Yeti Bujhi Dinu Mero Lagi Timi Ra Timro Lagi Ma Chhu
Please, my love, try to understand,
Mata Jandina Fakauchhan Kasari, Na Ta Aauchha Korna Chitra
I belong to you and only you. How can I put my love into words? Maybe I should paint a picture, to show how much I care for you.
Timi Jati Rishaye Ni Maya Chha, Sadhai Bha Mutu Bhitra
My heart is brimming with thoughts of you, you’re everything to me.
Timi Lai Nai Sadhai Bhari, Fakaunna Pau Esai Gari
I’m scared to say aloud, fearful of rejection.

Timi Nai Timi Nai Timi Nai Bhana
You, you, you, that’s all I can say,
Timi Nai Timi Nai Timi Nai Timi Nai
You, you, you, you, all day.
Timi Nai Timi Nai Timi Nai Bhanideu
You, you, you, that’s all I can say,
Kasari Fakau Ma
What words could capture all my love?

Malai Taha Chhaina Timro Mero Bhagya
I can’t predict our future,
Malai Thaha Chha Hamro Matra
I don’t know if our paths will cross,
Timi Sangai Bachera Sangai Marchhu
Yo Bacha Mero Pakka Timi Lai Nai

But one thing is certain, I’ll always love you, and cherish our memories forever.

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Kasari Music Video

The Nepali music video “Kasari,” featuring Nivi Shrestha, Nurbu Gyaljen, Namgyal Dolma, and Ram Kumar Limbu, is a touching and lyrical song portraying love’s complexities. The heartfelt lyrics and soulful vocals establish a solid emotional connection with the audience, creating a memorable musical experience.

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