Kaun Talha Lyrics Translation (in English) — Talha Anjum

“Kaun Talha Lyrics Translation” by Talha Anjum is a bold and provocative rap song that delves deep into the realm of diss tracks. Blending Hindi and Urdu, Talha Anjum, renowned for his sharp lyricism and confident delivery, fearlessly targets his peers in the rap industry with unapologetic flair.

Kaun Talha Lyrics Translation English Talha Anjum
Title Kaun Talha
Vocalist(s) Talha Anjum
Lyricist(s) Talha Anjum
Producer(s) Umair


Ye Kaisa Tareeka? (Na, Na, Na, Na-Na-Na)
What kind of method is this? (No, no, no, no-no-no)
Kabhi Aisa Na Hota (Na, Na, Na, Na-Na-Na)
This would never have happened before (No, no, no, no-no-no)
Ye Tunay Kya Kiya? Kyun Chup Tu Na Raha?
What did you do? Why did you remain silent?
Tu Hasta Reh Gaya Aur Main—
You kept laughing while I—

Surprise, MotherF__ker
Surprise, motherf__ker
Yeah, Yeah, It’s Your Boy
Yeah, yeah, it’s your boy
I Guess We’re Back At It
I guess we’re back at it
Yeah, Yeah
Yeah, yeah

Kaun Talha? Kaun Talha? Kaun Talha? Kaun Talha?
Who is Talha? Who is Talha? Who is Talha? Who is Talha?
Rap Elia Toh Jaun Talha, Mumbai Ki Sarak Pe Ys
Rap Elia is Jaun Talha, YS, on the streets of Mumbai
Tu Munawar Se Puch Le, “Kaun Talha?”
Ask Munawar, “Who is Talha?”
Kr$Na Ko Pata Hai, “Kaun Talha?”
KR$NA knows, “Who is Talha?”
Takabur Tu Nahi Mera Tor Saka
Your arrogance could not break me
Patron Bhi Peetay Hain Neat Hum Sath
Even the patrons drink neat with us
Divine Ko Pata Hai, “Kaun Talha?”
DIVINE knows, “Who is Talha?”
Tere Jaise Char Bhagein Dayein-Bayein, Jab Karta Hai Aik-Aadha Phone Talha
Four, like you run left and right when Talha makes a call
Tera Ghar Jaye Mere Jootay Ke Ewaz, Dekh Rob Karay Mall Talha
Your house would pay for my shoes, see Talha commanding the mall

Teri Jhant Barabar Ki Legacy Nahi
Your legacy is not worth much
Tu Nahi Kar Sakta, Kar Chuka Jo Talha
You cannot achieve what Talha has already done
Mister Most Streamed, Wo Talha
Mister most streamed, that is Talha

Tehes-Nehes Karu Naezy, Ye Ether Hai, Tu Jay-Z
I demolish Naezy; this is Ether; you are Jay-Z
Saray Bolo, “F__k Naezy”, Saray Bolo, “F__k Naezy”
Everyone says, “Forget Naezy,” everyone says, “Forget Naezy.”
Tu Mu Se Haggay, Apni Ghand Se Sochay
You speak nonsense, thinking from your rear
Tu G__nd Se Pagal, You’re Crazy
You are crazy

Rest In Peace, Young Naezy, Rest In Peace, Young Naezy
Rest in peace, young Naezy rest in peace young Naezy
Tu Khaeen Hai
You are ruined
Pu__y, MotherF__ker, I Got Nothing Against A Vag_na
Coward, I have nothing against a woman

Tujhay Dikhana Para Ab Aaina
You had to be shown a mirror
Maine Rapper Tabah Kiye, List Hai Puri, Tu Khud Hi Hua Us Mein Sign-Up
I have ruined rappers; the list is complete; you signed yourself into it
I Was Busy Doing My Sh_t, Kabhi Coke Studio, Kabhi Why Not?
I was busy doing my own thing, sometimes Coke Studio, sometimes Why Not?
Teri G__nd Mein Keera, Wo Tujhay Katay, Teri Zindagi Nahi Asan, Han
You have a worm in you that bites; your life is not easy
Tu Asli Nahi, Tu Jalsaz
You are not genuine; you are a fraud

Tu Fake Biggie, Barkhast
You are a fake Biggie, dismissed
Aafat, Abay Half Cut
Tere Jaise Dumbay Mere Banday Sek Dete Aag Par
Your kind of dumbA_ses, my men roast over the fire
Tujhay Chorein Aath Ched De Ke
Thieves leave you with eight holes

Laundon Ko Lagay Tu All-In-One, Ek Adopter
Boys think you are all-in-one, an adapter
Teri Hansi Bhi Hideous (Ha-Ha), Tu Ek Meme Material (Yeah)
Even your laughter is hideous (Ha-ha), you are meme material (Yeah)
Sochay Bagair Tu Kuch Bhi Kahay, Tujhay Lete Nahi Serious
You say anything without thinking; no one takes you seriously

Kaun Talha, Matlab Kya? Derh-Hoshiyar Tu Kitna Oblivious
Who is Talha? What does it mean? You are so oblivious
Zindagi May Theen Mushkilein Bohot Lekin Rapper Ragarna Is Easiest
Life has many challenges, but defeating a rapper is the easiest
Seedha Karachi Se De Raha Hu Tujhay Abhi Seedhe Maut Wali Dose
I am giving you a dose of Seedhe Maut from Karachi
“Kaun Talha, Baba, Kaun Talha?” Jakay Encore Se Tu Puch
“Who is Talha, baba? Who is Talha?” go ask Encore
Tu Janta Hai Phir Bhi Jan Ke Puch
You know, but still ask knowingly
Jan Boojh Ke Tu Bat Chod Raha Tha, Tangein Chat Se Hain, Jan Le Tu
You were intentionally avoiding the topic; understand that your legs are in the air
(Oho, Beat Change) Yeah
(Oho, beat change) Yeah

If You Know, You Know, Kaun Talha? Kaun Talha?
If you know, you know, who is Talha? Who is Talha?
If You Know, You Know, Kaun Talha? Kaun Talha? Kaun Talha?
If you know, you know, who is Talha? Who is Talha? Who is Talha?

Purana Naezy, Na Hi Naya Naezy, Beta, Gaya Naezy
Old Naezy, nor new Naezy, kid, Naezy is gone
Lagi Relevant Rehne Ki Talab Aisi
There is such a desire to remain relevant
Ab Bara Naezy Ho Ya Chhota Naezy
Whether old Naezy or young Naezy
Main Charo Naezy Kha Gaya Hu, Meri Bhook Hi Aisi
I have consumed all Naezy; my hunger is such.

Mein Janay Bhi Deta Par Bolo Janay Du Kyun?
I would let it go, but tell me, why should I?
Ye Jungle Hai, Chotay, Idher, I’m Bigger Than You
This is a jungle, kid, here, I’m bigger than you
Ye Karachi Se Delhi Se Mumbai Se Dubai Se Seedha Toronto
From Karachi to Delhi to Mumbai to Dubai to straight to Toronto
Abay Dadar Ke Dr. Dre, Kidher Hai Tu?
Where is Dadar’s Dr. Dre? Where are you?

Bounce, Naezy, Bounce, Thora Bounce Back Kar
Bounce, Naezy, bounce, bounce back a little
Podcast Karay Fake Chashmay Pehen Kar
Hosting podcasts wearing fake glasses
Batein Choday Ke Tu Kam Kar Raha Comeback Par
Talking rubbish while working on a comeback
You Can’t Come Back From This Shit because Nobody Does
You cannot come back from this because nobody does

Tera Scientific Freestyle, Tera Mind F__k Hai, Tu Kya Peeta Hai?
Your scientific freestyle, your mind is messed up, what do you consume?
Mathematics Wala Freestyle, Zara Maths Kar
Mathematics freestyle, do the math
Mera Sau Million Solo Album Par Mera Ty Wala G Style
My solo album has a hundred million streams and my TY style

Tu Kis Dunya Mein Jeeta Hai?
Which world do you live in?
Abay Mujhay Karachi Ki Har Gully Mein Milein Parastar
I find fans in every alley of Karachi
I’m A MotherF__king Star, Meri Chhattri Kahan Hai?
I’m a star; where is my umbrella?
Tu Dikhay Hi Na, Abay Chhapri Kahan Hai?
You are not visible; where is the lowlife?

Hook Bhara Freestyle, Dukh Bhara Freestyle
Hook-filled freestyle, pain-filled freestyle
Jhuk, Naezy, Jhuk, Dikha Sab Ko Doggy Style
Bow, Naezy, bow, show everyone doggy style
Line Meri Busy Rehti, Mat Karo Redial
My line is busy; do not redial

Game Over, Kam Pura, Mat Karo Retry
Game over, work done, do not retry
Meetha Jaisa Malpura, Humein Diabetes Nahi
Sweet like a dessert, we do not have diabetes
Tu Ne Utna Dekhay Hi Nahi Jitni Meri Fees, Bhai
You have not seen as much as my fees, brother
Fee Sabeelillah Rappers Mashoor Kiye Bohot
For the sake of Allah, I have made many rappers famous
Wo Saray Aakay Chalay Gaye, Talha Bhai Abhi Bhi Qaem
They all came and went, but Talha is still here

Naezy On Some Bitch Shit, Municipality Walay Kahan Hain?
Naezy, on some nonsense, where are the municipal guys?
Smoke A Rapper Like Sativa, Din Daharay Anytime
Smoke a rapper like Sativa anytime in broad daylight
Petty Rhymes Teri, Ye Nahi Playtime Chotay
Your petty rhymes, this is not playtime, kid
Can’t Baby Sit Your A_s, I Don’t Have The Time Chotay
Can’t babysit your A_s? I don’t have the time, kid

Naezy got his A_s shot (Pop, pop, pop, pop)
Naezy Got His A_s Shot (Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop)
(Naezy got his A_s shot)
(Naezy Got His A_s Shot)

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Kaun Talha Music Video

While “Kaun Talha” lacks a traditional music video, its audio-centric approach allows the focus to remain on Talha Anjum’s lyrical prowess and vocal performance. This showcases his ability to craft a compelling diss track that challenges the status quo in the rap scene. His raw energy, sharp lyrics, and confident delivery make it a standout piece within the genre, appealing to listeners who appreciate bold storytelling through rap. Talha Anjum’s strategic use of language and cultural references adds depth to his critique, solidifying his reputation as a formidable force in contemporary rap music.

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