Kina Chir – The PropheC

Kina Chir Lyrics from โ€˜The Lifestyleโ€™ Punjabi music album is musically, lyrically a lovely song which is produced & sung by The PropheC. The track โ€œKina chir tenu dil ch luka ke rakheyaโ€ with its lyric is set-up by none other than artist himself.

Album: The Lifestyle

Artist: The PropheC

Genres: Asia, Music, World, Indian, Regional Indian

Released: 29 December 2016

Label: 2016 PropheC Productions


Kina chir tenu dil ch luka ke rakheya
Kite vakh na ho jaawin metho tu,

Tenu saahan di larhi ch main paro ke rakheya
Kite saahan ton na ho jawin tu door.

Main vi sangda
Tu vi sangda
Kive bullan ton kahawaan,

Jo main chahwan
Tuvi mangdi
Jind naa tere lawaan.

Kina chir tenu dil ch luka ke rakhya (x2).

Ajj jaan ni main jaan tenu dena
Gal sang wali saari main mita deni aa.

Photo dil de kone ch
jo luka si main rakhi
Ajj akhan de samne khada dena aa.

Takda hi jawan
Ena tenu chahwan
Nazran tere ton hatwaan main,

Tera injh sharmauna
Akhan nu jhukauna,
Tenu vekhda e thaan mar jawaan main.

Kinna chir tainu dil โ€˜ch luka ka rakheya (x2).

Jithe tera raah
Ohi meri thaan
Pyar di othe main tainu
Kar dawa shaan.

Supne vi tu mera dil vi tera
Tere kadman ch rakhan jaan.

Marjana dil bas wich reya na
Haanโ€™ane ni teri ajj karwauni haan,

Tuvi armana nu lako ke rakheya
Ajj pyar da tu kar izhaar.

# Kina chir tenu dil ch luka ke rakheya (x3).