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Jagjit and Chitra Singh, the powerhouse duo behind this folksy Punjabi tappe ‘Kothe Te Aa Mahiya’, breathe fiery life into the evocative lyrics. Their smooth, rich voices expertly capture the push and pull of two hearts entangled by society’s constraints.

Kothe Te Aa Mahiya Lyrics Translation Jagjit Singh Chitra Singh

The lyrics and translation to ‘Kothe Te Aa Mahiya’ shine with poetic longing and innocent romance. Poignant metaphors about forbidden love abound—meeting on rooftops, the fear of public scorn overriding personal desires. Yet glimmers of hope peak when playfulness gives way to commitment, such as a beard grown to gain approval.

Deeper themes underscore the lighthearted flirtations. Social commentary lurks within, critiquing parental hypocrisy and challenging norms. Though the lovers tentatively progress, they remain grounded in reality. Ultimately, the lyrics promote more empathy and less judgment between generations.


Kothe Te A Mahiya, Kothe Te A Mahiya
Oh my darling, come to the rooftop.
Milna Ta Mil Ake Nai Tan Khasma Nu Kha Mahiya
Oh, my darling, meet me if you so want; otherwise, you are damned.

Ke Laina Hai Mitra To,
What exactly do you expect from me?
Milan Te Aa Jawan, Dar Lagta Ai Chhitran To
I’d come meet you but I’m afraid of being beaten by society.

Tusi Kahle Kahle Ho, Kuch Tee Sharam Karo Dhiyan Putran Wale Ho
You seem to be impatient. Admit a little shame—you are a parent, too.
A Sare Dand Paye Kad De Ne,
They are all laughing.
Asi Tanu Chunge Lagde Te Sade Dhiyan Put Vadd De Ne
You like me but despise my children.

Ethe Pyar Di Puch Koi Na
Love has no worth in this place.
Tere Nal Nayio Bolna Tere Muh Te Muhch Koi Na
I don’t want to speak to you since you don’t have a moustache.

Maza Pyar Da Chakh Langa
I’d taste the love.
Je Tera Hukm Hove Muh To Dari Wi Rakh Langa
If you permit, I will grow a beard and a moustache.

Bage Wich Aya Karo
Visit the garden sometimes.
Jadon Asi So Jaye Tusi Makhiyan Udaya Karo
You should keep the flies away from me as I sleep there.

Tusi Roz Nahaya Karo
You should take a bath every day.
Makhiyan To Dar De Ho Gurr Thora Khaya Karo
If you are afraid of flies, limit your intake of jaggery.

Peeng Pyar Di Pawange
We would hang a love swing.
Hun Asi Mil Gaye Ha Geet Pyar De Gawange
We would sing love songs now that we are together.

For those less familiar with Punjabi, the English translation thoughtfully conveys the essence of “Kothe Te Aa Mahiya.” It summarizes the key details and emotional arcs while preserving the imagery and symbols.


With this excellent translation, international audiences can appreciate the nuances and artistry so beautifully rendered by the Singhs. The evocative Punjabi lyrics come to life in a way that moves the heart, regardless of one’s language.

Track Name Kothe Te Aa Mahiya
Singer(s) Jagjit Singh, Chitra Singh
Lyrics Writer(s) n/a
Composer(s) n/a

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