Kuch Yaadein Lyrics English {Meaning} — Suyyash Rai | Munawar

The song “Kuch Yaadein Lyrics Meaning” is a poignant Hindi ballad performed by Suyyash Rai and Munawar. It features a star-studded lineup, including Aneri Vajani and Ankita Karan Patel. Directed by Shabby and produced by Siddharth Singh and Suyyash Rai, it explores the intricate interplay of memories that both haunt and sustain individuals.

Kuch Yaadein Lyrics Meaning Suyyash Rai Munawar
Title Kuch Yaadein
Vocalist(s) Suyyash Rai, Munawar
Lyricist(s) Suyyash Rai, Munawar
Producer(s) Siddharth Singh, Suyyash Rai

Munawar and Suyyash Rai, featuring the song “Kuch Yaadein,” with its translated lyrics, delves into the complexities of memories, capturing both the struggle and embrace of the past. Musically, it combines contemporary beats with traditional Hindi elements, creating a sad yet captivating soundscape.


Phir Tanhaiyon Mein Ghir Raha Hoon
Once again, I’m enshrouded in solitude.
Mujhe Phirse Dhundhe Hai Mera Kal
My past seeks me out anew.
Yadoon Se Bhi Lad Raha Hoon Main
I battle memories,
Unhi Yadon Mein Dooba Din Bhar Ek Pal
drowning in their depths for hours each day.

Kabhi Mil Sake Agar Kya Mil Payenge
If meant to be, will we ever reunite,
Sab Hum Bhool Kar Bhool Kar
Forgetting everything and letting bygones be bygones?

Kuch Yadein Hai Jo Jeene Na De
Some memories refuse to let me live,
Kuch Yadein Hai Jo Zinda Rakhe Humein
Others keep me alive.
Kuch Yadein Hai Jo Jeene Na De
Some memories refuse to let me live,
Kuch Yadein Teri Zinda Rakhe Humein
Others keep me alive with your memories.

Sirhana Khali Mujhe Yad Teri A Rahi
Seeing the pillow makes me think of you.
Bhookh Mar Chuki Hai Fikr Teri Kha Rahi
I am not hungry anymore, but my concern for you is overwhelming.
Tere Bina Khud Ko Dekh Bhi Nahi Sakta
I cannot stand to see myself without you,
Ghar Ke Ayinon Pe Bas Dhool Jamti Ja Rahi Hai
The mirrors in our home collect dust.

Jab Uthe Hath Mere Toh Bas Duaon Mein
When I raise my hands, it’s only in prayer.
Leke Andhere Tujhe De Raha Subahon Mein
I am bringing you the dawn and taking the darkness away from you.
Is Ke Alava Dene Ko Kya Hi Bacha Hai
What else is there to give?
‘gar Ye Ashiqui Jua To Kitni Bar Luta Hoon Main
If ‘love’ is a gamble, I have often been ruined.

Jalaye Sardiyan Barsat Mein Woh Bat Nahi Hai
The cold winters are brutal for me, and the rainy season doesn’t bring me joy like it used to.

Sab Kuch Hai Pas Mere Sath Tera Sath Nahi Hai
Even though I have everything, I miss having you around.
Rakhe Aya Tha Main Phool Dahleez Pe
I left flowers on the doorstep for you.
Badal Liya Thikna Tune Khair Koi Bat Nahi Hai
It’s alright that you changed your mind.

Na Jane Kaisa Yeh Sajdon Mein Shor Hai
I don’t comprehend why my prayers are so chaotic.
Tere Bad Mehfilein Khamosh Hai
The gatherings feel quiet after you leave.
Hum Donon Hubahu Ek Jaise Hai
We’re both in the same situation.
Main Kehta Uska Wo Kehti Mera Dosh Hai
She accuses me, and I accuse her.

Aa Ke Dekh Teri Yad Ne Kya Kar Diya Hai
Come and witness the impact your memory has had.
Yahan A Ke Dekh Samndar Is Mein Bhar Liya Hai
Look into my eyes; you’ll see they’re filled with sorrow.
Taras Ata Nahi Hal Par Khud Ke
I don’t feel sorry for myself.
Main Ne Khud Ke Khilaf Khud Ko Kar Liya Hai
I’ve become my adversary.

Kuch Yadein Hai Jo Jeene Na De
Some memories don’t allow me to move on,
Kuch Yadein Teri Zinda Rakhe Humein
while others sustain me with your memories.

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Kuch Yaadein Music Video

The music video complements the lyrical themes with visual storytelling that emphasizes the isolation and longing expressed in the lyrics. Scenes depict the emptiness of familiar places and the passage of time, underscoring the song’s emotional depth. “Kuch Yaadein” is a testament to the power of memories in shaping our lives and stands out in the Hindi music scene for its heartfelt expression of love and loss.

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