Kya Baat Ay Lyrics English Translation – Hardy Sandhu


Teraa mukhra chann da tukra
Ni teri áenkak tere shoe
Kyaa baát ae, kya baat aee,


Your face is like a piece of moon,
Your goggles, your shoes,
What to say about that (they are amazing.)


Ni tera kájal karda ae pagal,
Hypnotize kare jatt nu,
Kya baát aye, kya baat aye.


Your kohl is very striking,
It fascinates me,
What to say about it? What to say about it?


Tere lakk tøn tu lagda karachi di
Fan marjaniye buggati di,
Dil kare tere nal banneya rawaan
Tere jism ‘ch khushbu áe laachi di,


From your waist you seem like from .Karachi city,
You’re a fan of buggati car,
I feel like wanna be with you only,
Your body scent is like cardamom’s fragrance.


Teri akh te tikha nakk
Te utton masha allah muh
Kya baat ae, kya baat ae,


Your eyes, sharp nose, and even more attractive face cut,
What to say about that?


Ni tera kaajal kardae paagal,
Hypnotize kare jatt nu,
Kya baat aye, kya baat aye.


Tera kangna kangna kangna, kya baat ay.
Your bangle, bangle, bangle, what to say about it?


Lagni payi aein,
Payi aein badi hot márjaniye,
Táinu tak ke mainu gande thought marjaniye,


You’re looking so hot, girl,
Seeing you makes me think nasty.


Gállan ne gulabi wich toye nakhro,
Karde ne munde hoye-hoye nakhro,
Jeda tainu tak lawe ik war ni
3-4 meene na soye nakhro,


You’re cheeks are pink with charming dimples,
Which takes boys’ breath away,
The one who sees you once is not able to sleep properly for atleast 3-4 months.


Ni teri chaal te gallan laal
Te sáari di hi saari hi tu,
Kya baat ay, kya baat aye.


Your walk, red-apple cheeks,
And the whole you, what to say about it, it’s priceless.


Ni tera kaájal karda ae pagal
Hypnotize kare jatt nu
Kya baat aye, kya baat aye.


Jaani, jáani, jaani, jaani, jaani,
Jaani nu tu aagi ae pasand baliye
Táppne nu phire teri kandh balliye
Mainu seenáy naal la lai
Laake no-no-no-no, tere bina mainu maardu eh thand balliye.


Jaani likes you and he feels like jumping through your house walls,
Hug me dear or I shall die in this cold winters.


Ni bul gulábi karan sharabi,
Jutti kardi ae chu-chu…


The pink lips are so alluring,
And the sandals make sounds like choo-choo,
What to say about it all, it’s so incredible.


Tera kángna kangna kangna.

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