Laal Bindi Lyrics with English Translation – Akull | Song Meaning

laal bindi lyrics meaning in englishLaal Bindi Lyrics (can be interpreted in Hindi as: लाल बिंदिया) is a beautiful song composed, performed by Akull. The translation of song “Lal bindi me kitni soni lagdi or kinni sohni” is available now. You may checkout the meaning of “LAAL BINDI” R&B song in English below.


Oh! Yeah! Uh!
Akull on the beat, akul on the beat, yeah!

Haye main kya karun (x2),
What should I do now?
Tere chehre se nazar nahi hatt ti
I can’t get enough of looking at you.
Laal bindi mein tu inni sohni lagdi (x2),
You looks that much attractive with your red bindi/bindiya.

Definition of Bindi or Bindiya: is a small dot, a colored mark, dot or jewel that is worn between eyebrows. It is worn on fore head for beautification and as also a sign of auspiciousness.

O girl let me tell you, baat hai simple si,
Oh girl, let me tell you. Let me put it in a simple way.
Aankhon se shuru karun,
Should I start from your eyes..
Ya phir baatein dimple ki
Or I shall talk about dimples your cheeks, first.
Muskurahaton mein ghuli ecstasy,
Your smile spreads happiness.
Rab di sohn teri wargi na koyi
I swear on god, there is no match for your beauty.

Upar se jab kare blush
Moreover, when you blush..
Blood kare mera rush
It makes me nervous.
Sachi chalda ni mera wash
Truly, I have no control over it.

Dekhte hi mujhko tujhse pyar ho gaya
I fell in love with you as I saw your for first time.

Haye mai kya karoon (x2),
Oh, what should I do for it?

Tere chehray se nazar nahi hat ti
I can get enough of adoring your face.
Laal bindi mein tu inni soni lagdee (x2).
You look so attractive with the red bindi of yours.

Ek toh pehlay-pehlay-pehlay se main high
Earlier too, I was high.
Teri adayien aur nashey main dubaayein,
But your style has increased the intoxication.
Ik tuhi-tuhi dikhe dayein bayein
Its only you who I see all around.
Teri nigahein aur paas bulaayein (x2).
And your seductive eyes give me gestures to come closer.

Kaisay karun bayaan, ehsaas hai naya (x2),
How should I put it? It’s totally a strange feeling.
Tere chakkar mein mai toh kho gaya.
I have been lost my identity after you.

Haye main kya karun (x2),
O, what should I do for it?
Tere chehre se nazar nahi hatt ti
I can’t get enough of seeing your face.
Lal bindi me tu inni sohni lagdi (x2),
You look that much charming with red Bindi / Bindiya of yours.

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