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Quratulain Balouch Laal Meri Pat, Coke Studio Season 10,Laal Meri Pat Lyrics from Coke Studio 10 (Dama Dam Mast Qalandar) is a remake song in spiritual voices of Quratulain Balouch (QB) with co-singers Arieb Azhar and Akbar Ali, music production done by Strings.The song has lyrics penned down by Amir Khusrow while later on improvised by Bulleh Shah. Get full translation of “LAL MERI PAT / DUMA DUM MAST QALANDAR” track’s lyrics translation & meaning in English.


Artists: Quratulain Balouch, Akbar Ali, Arieb Azhar
Music Director: Strings
Guest Musicians: Shehroze Hussain (Sitar), Joshua Keyth Benjamin (Keys)
Lyrics Writer: Traditional folk (translation of Bu Ali Qalandar’s ghazal by Shozab Askari)



Padhna qaseeda haq de wali da
Saare sunaao naa‘rah ‘ali da
Jhukeya main dar te ban ke sawali
Izzat mili ae jag ton nirali
Pai log aakhan maikoon qalandar
Sag haan magar main ali di gali da.
Padhna qaseeda hak de wali da -x2.

I recite an ode extolling the friend of god
Come everyone, raise the cry of ‘ya ali’
I bowed at his door as a humble seeker
And achieved great repute and honour in this world
People reverently call me ‘qalandar’
But I am just a lowly cur dwelling in ali’s street
I recite an ode extolling the friend of god.

Laal meri pat rakhiyo bhala jhoole laalan -x2,
Sindhrhi da sehwan da
Shahbaaz qalandar ….. Damaadam, damadam
Damaadam… Damadam.

Please preserve my good name, noble shahbaz qalandar
Shahbaz qalandar of sehwan and sindh
With every breath, with every breath.

Ho lal meri pat rakhiyo
Bhala jhoole laalan
Lal meri pat.. Rakhiyo bhala jhoole lalan
Sindhri da sewan da…
Shahbaz kalandar.

Duma dum jhoole laal jhoole laal
Mast kalandar jhoole laal -x3.

With every breath, the qalandar is lost in the ecstasy of god’s remembrance

Dilbar de deedar ne kita mainu mast oh mast
Meh-khaane vich kaun hovega
Mere warga mast
Us dil andar qadar jahaan di
Kidre nazar na aave
Jo dil tere ishq ne ne keeta mere sohneya mast
Rut basanti andar maahi
Jalwa aan vikhaya
Bulbul nahar hawavan
Phul vi ho gaye mast
Roz awal main jaam je peeta
Wahdat masti wala
Buhe kandhan shaam sawere
Mainu disde mast
Oh na darda dozakh kolon
Na laalach jannat da rakhe
Jo vi ho gaya es jahane wang kalandar mast.

The sight of my beloved has made me drunk with passion
Who in the wine-house is anywhere near as drunk with passion?
No thought of the world can be seen to remain anywhere in that heart
The heart that love for you, beloved, has made drunk with passion
In the spring season, my beloved came out unveiled
Even the nightingale, river, breeze and flowers became drunk with passion
Since the day of the covenant of alast, when I drank the wine of his oneness
Morning and eve, the walls and doors look to me drunk with passion
That person fears not the fires of hell, nor hungers after heaven
Whichever person enters the state of the qalandar drunk with passion.

Chaar chiraag tere balan hamesha -x3,

Panjwa main baalan aaiyi aan
Bhala jhoolay laalan -x2,

Sindhri da sehwan da
Shahbaaz kalandar.

Four lamps always remain lit to illumine each corner of your grave
I have come to light a fifth lamp in your honour, noble shahbaz qalandar
O shahbaz qalandar of sehwan and sindh.

Damadam jhoolay laal jhoolay laal
Mas qalandar jhoolay lal -x3,

Hind sindh peera teri naubat baaje -x3,
Naal baje ghaṛiyaal bhala jhoole laalan -x2,
Naal baje ghaṛiyaal bhala jhoole laalan
Sindhri da sehwan da shahbaaz qalandar,

Damaadam, damaadam, damaadam -x3.

In both hind and sindh, trumpets and drums sound in your honour
And the brass gong steadily strikes the hour, noble shahbaz qalandar
And the brass gong steadily strikes the hour, noble shahbaz qalandar
O shahbaz qalandar of sehwan and sindh, with every breath.

Dama dam – jhoole laal jhoole laal mast qalandar jhoole laal -x7,


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