Lambiyaan Si Judaiyaan Lyrics Translation – Raabta (Movie)

Lambiyaan Si Judaiyaan Lyrics with English translation from Raabta movie by Arijit Singh is an absolute masterpiece song. The Sushant Singh Rajput & Kriti Sanon featuring the track ‘Mumkin Nahi Hai Tujhko Bhulana’ has its Hindi lyrics from songwriter Amitabh Bhattacharya. Pritam is the music director for ‘Kya Rang Laya Dil Ka Lagana Song’ AKA Lambiyan Si Judaiyan song’s lyrics. Below is the meaning of all song-lines in English.

badi lambiyaan si judaiyaan lyrics English translation

Song Name: Lambiyaan Si Judaiyaan (Hindi)
Album/Movie: Raabta (2017)
Singer(s): Arijit Singh
Lyrics Writer(s): Amitabh Bhattacharya
Music Director(s): Pritam
Music Video Director: Dinesh Vijan
Music Video Features: Sushant Singh Rajput, Kriti Sanon
Record Label: © 2017 T-Series


Sajda Tera Kar Na Sakoon, Toh Bandagi Kya Bandagi,
Tere Bina Jeena Pade, Toh Zindagi Kya Zindagi,

If I can’t bow my head to you in prayer, what kind of worship is this, then?
If without you I have to live, what kind of life is this?

Kya Rang Laya Dil Ka Lagana, Kya Rang Laya Dil Ka Lagana,
Goonje Hawa Mein Bichhde Dilan Diyan Duhaiyan,
Ve Badi Lambiyan Si Judaiyan,

What is the result of my love? What outcome has my love set out?
The echo in the air is the call of two different hearts.
Those were very long separations.

Tere Nishan Yadon Mein Hain, Tu Kyun Nahi Taqdeer Mein,
Nadan Dil Hai Dhoondta, Qurbat Teri Tasveer Mein,

Your marks are in my memory, so why are you not in my destiny?
In your picture, my innocent heart is looking for closeness to you.

Mumkin Nahin Hai Tujhko Bhulana,
Mumkin Nahin Hai Tujhko Bhulana,
Dekhe Khudaya Do Ashiqan Diyan Tabahiyan,
Vey Badi Lambiyan Si Judaiyan,

It’s impossible to forget about you.
It’s not possible to forget about you.
God watches the destruction of two lovers.
These separations have been very long.

Ali Ali Ali Ali Maula,
Oh, all-powerful God.

Naraz Ho Chahe Khuda, Duniya Bhale Raqeeb Ho,
Uff Na Karun Hothon Se Main, Bas Tu Agar Qareeb Ho,

Even if God is angry with me, and the world is my enemy,
I’m not going to sigh a little when you’re on my side.

Badi Lambiyan Si Judaiyan, Judaiyan,
Badi Lambiyan Si Judaiyan, Judaiyan Judaiyan,

Those separations were rather lengthy.
Those separations have been a long time.

Ve Badi Lambiyan Si Judaiyan, Lambiyan Si Judaiyan,
Lambiyan Si Judaiyan, Lambiyan Si Judaiyan,

Oh, dear, the distances between us have been very long.
The distances between us have been very long.

Lambiyaan Si Judaiyaan Music Video

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