Laung Laachi Title Track

Laung Laachi film’s title track has released today and its music video features Ammy Virk, Neeru Bajwa & Amberdeep. The meaningful lyrics are hummed by Punjabi singer Mannat Noor and are drafted by Harmanjit. Aman Jay is composer and Gurmeet Singh is director of this song. Translation of stanza in English has been updated.


Ve tu laung, ve main laachi
Tere pishe aa gawachi,

Oh my beloved, you are like clove & I’m a cardamom,
And I’m lost after you,

Tere ishqe ne maari
Kudi kach di kuwari,

Your love has taken this lovely single girl.

Ve main chambe de pahadaan wali
Sham ve mundeya,

I am the shadow produced by the moutains of Chamba (a district in Himachal Pradesh)

Sandli-sandli naina wich tera naam ve mundeya -x3.

I hide your name in my eyes.

Ho mere sunne-sunne pair
Tu ta jana rehna shehar
Bauta mangdi na thoda
Laide jhanjra da joda.

Haan mere sunne-sunne pair
Tu taan jaana rehna shehar
Bohta mangdi na thoda
Lai de jhanjran da joda
Jeda vikda bazaran vich aam ve mundeya.

Oh my feet are so empty,
And you keep going to the city.
I don’t ask for too much, just buy me a pair of anklets that don’t cost a lot of bucks.
They are easily available for lower prices at markets.

Sandali-sandali naina vich tera naam ve mundeya -x3.

Oh Beloved, I hide your name in my eyes.

Rukhe vaalan de ve challe
Tere bina asi kalle
Paa lai bahwan wich bahwan
Dhupan ban jaan shaawan -x2.

My dry hair soar;
And I’m so alone without you.
Take me into your arms;
Hide the sun with your charms.

Tainu likheya hawavan te paigam ve mundeya.

I leave a message for you in the skies.

Sandli-sandli naina wich tera naam ve mundeya -x3.
Oh my boy, it’s your name I am hiding in my Sandal alike eyes.
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