Maar Udari (Pardes Katenda 2.0) Lyrics English Translation – Adnan Dhool

Adnan Dhool’s “Maar Udari (Pardes Katenda 2.0) Lyrics Translation” is a heartfelt Punjabi ballad that captures the emotional turmoil of separation and the longing for a reunion in a foreign land. The song has received acclaim for its poignant narrative and emotional resonance within the Punjabi diaspora. You can watch the visually compelling music video on YouTube.

Maar Udari Pardes Katenda 2.0 Lyrics Translation Adnan Dhool
Title Maar Udari (pardes Katenda 2.0)
Vocalist(s) Adnan Dhool
Lyricist(s) Adnan Dhool
Producer(s) Adnan Dhool

The song “Maar Udari (Pardes Katenda 2.0)” beautifully captures the emotions of yearning and unfulfilled dreams. The heartfelt translated lyrics and the blend of traditional Punjabi elements with contemporary sounds create a deeply emotional and evocative melody.


Asan Tey Yad Rakhendey Dhola
We always keep your memory in our minds, love.
Asan Tey Khawab Vich Wehndey Dhola
We see you in our dreams, love.

Ho Is Eid Nu Tu Aamsey Way
This Eid, I’m hoping you come our way.
Asan Nah Aas Chorendy Dhola
We won’t leave hope, love,

Ho Pardes Bey-Itebara 
Oh, the unfaithful foreign land!
Mar Uddari Ghar Aa Sajna
Take flight and come home, my beloved.

Wadday Phone Ich Photo Teri 
We can view your pictures on our large phones.
Roz Beh K. Chumday Aan
We sit and kiss them daily. 

Wadday Phone Ich Photo Teri
We can view your pictures on our large phones.
Roz Beh K. Chumday Aan
We sit and kiss them daily. 

Sheher Vich Sajya Bagh Nawan Hik
The city has decorated a new festive field.
Kallay Kallay Ghumdy Aan
Where we roam around all alone,

Suit Lelan Wala Sajna Hun Nhi Changa Lagda Saku 
My beloved, the linen suits don’t look appealing to us anymore.
Dil Nahi Karainda Kajjal Pavan Surmay Dani Lagdi Chaqu
I don’t feel like applying Kohl, the Kohl Pot feels like knives,

Ho Pardes Bey-Itebara 
Oh, the unfaithful foreign land!
Chad Pardes Bey-Itebara 
Leave this unfaithful foreign land.

Mar Udari Ghar Aa 
Take a flight and come home.
Mar Udari
Take flight,
Ghar Aa
Come home,
I am wearing a dhoti.
Even now, we haven’t washed the shirt that smells like you.

Teri Yad Ich Aj Vi Sajna Pakdi Teydi Roti Hay
In your memory, my beloved, Your flatbread roti is still cooking.
Kothay Pakkay Ban Gye Sajna Neendar Kachi Ho Gyi Hay
We’ve paved our roofs, my beloved, but our sleep has broken.

Tenu Seenay Laya Nahi Vey Umer Adhi Ho Gyi Hai 
Since I last held you in my arms, half of my life has passed.
Teray Bhaijey Note Vey Sajna Saku Kaghaz Lagdy Nay 
The money that you sent, My Beloved, now looks like pieces of paper to us.

Badal Garjan Lagda Eh Saku Kalla Vaikh K Hasdy Ney 
The rumbling of clouds gives the impression that they are laughing at us, seeing us all alone.
Phirda Eh Tu Pardes Kateynda 
You are roaming around, passing time in a foreign land. 

Chadd Pardes Bey-Itebara
Leave this unfaithful foreign land.
Mar Udari Ghar Aa Sajna 
Take Flight and Come Home, My Beloved.

Oh Ghar Aa Vanj Ik Vari
Oh, come home now, just once. 
Iss Vari Tu Bhaij Nah Tohfa 
Don’t send us any gifts this time.
Iss Vari Sajna, Khud He Aaja 
This time, my beloved, come by yourself. 
Aaja K Eid Howay 
Please come so we can have our Eid celebrations.

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Maar Udari (pardes Katenda 2.0) Music Video

The music video for “Maar Udari (Pardes Katenda 2.0)” by Adnan Dhool, directed by Farryaad, beautifully captures the protagonist’s loneliness and longing, creating a deep and immersive emotional experience for the audience. The song’s lyrical beauty and emotive performance resonate universally, expressing emotions of love, loss, and hope. Prepare to be moved by Dhool’s evocative storytelling and poignant melodies.

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