Main Na Jaanu Kyun Lyrics {English Meaning}: Jubin Nautiyal

The song “Main Na Jaanu Kyun Lyrics Meaning” by Jubin Nautiyal is an exquisite representation of the protagonist’s perplexed yet passionate feelings toward love. The lyrics, penned by Ip Singh, eloquently capture the intensity of emotions experienced by the protagonist while being deeply in love, leaving no room for ambiguity.

Main Na Jaanu Kyun Lyrics English Meaning Jubin Nautiyal
Title Main Na Jaanu Kyun
Vocalist(s) Jubin Nautiyal
Lyricist(s) Ip Singh
Producer(s) Ip Singh, Rajarshi Sanyal

From the ‘Ibtida’ EP, Jubin Nautiyal’s song ย “Main Na Jaanu Kyun,” with its translated Hindi lyrics, is about the protagonist’s love for their beloved. They describe the captivating beauty of their beloved’s eyes, comparing them to the sun’s golden rays. The walls of their hearts have been painted with the red hue of love, signifying the profound impact of their beloved’s love on their life. Despite being consumed by love, the protagonist cannot explain their feelings to others. The chorus “Main Na Jaanoon Kyun” (I don’t know why) reflects the protagonist’s confusion and bewilderment regarding their feelings. The song continues to emphasize the omnipresence of the beloved in the protagonist’s life.


Teri Aankhon Ki Kiranon Mein Suraj Ka Sona Hai, Jisko Batoroon Saari Raat
Throughout the night, I collect the golden sun rays in your eyes.
Tere Khwabon Ki Dharti Pe Saanson Ko Chhoo Kar, Jale Hain Mere Haath
While touching our breaths on the land of your dreams, my hands have been scorched.
Phir Bhi Tujhse Shuru Tujhpe Hi Khatam Hoti Hai Har Meri Baat
Every sentence I utter begins and ends with you, for reasons unknown to me.
Main Na Jaanoon Kyun, Main Na Jaanoon Kyun,
I have no idea why, no idea why at all.

Mere Dil Ki Deewaron Pe Ab Toh Chadha Hai Tere Pyaar Ka Rang Ye Laal
Your love has now painted the walls of my heart with a red hue.
Log Ye Poochen Kyun Ho Raha Deewana, Par Main Bhi Na Boloon Kya Hai Mera Haal
When people ask why I’m going insane, I cannot explain my condition.
Kyunki Tujhse Shuru Tujhpe Hi Khatam Hote Hain Sab Sawaal
All questions I have start and end with you, without a clear explanation.
Main Na Jaanoon Kyun, Main Na Jaanoon Kyun,
I’m not sure why, I really don’t.

Har Saans Mein Hai Tera Hi Nasha, Har Lafz Mein Teri Yaad
Your memory is present in every word and your intoxication in every breath.
Har Saans Mein Hai Tera Hi Nasha, Har Lafz Mein Teri Yaad
Your recollection is evident in every syllable, as is your drunkenness in each breath.
Tuhi Toh Din Ke Ujaalon Mein Hai, Tuhi Andheron Ke Baad
You are the light of my day and the one who follows the darkness.
Kyunki Tujhse Shuru Tujhpe Hi Khatam Hote Hain Sab Jazbaat
All emotions I feel begin and end with you, and I have no explanation for it
Main Na Jaanoon Kyun, Main Na Jaanoon Kyun,
Why, I am utterly confused.

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