Main Teri Ho Gayi Lyrics Translation – Millind Gaba

MAIN TERI HO GAYI LYRICS from MILLIND GABA is much awaited song finally released under the music company of Speed Records. The romantic Punjabi tune has music from Music MG (Millind Gaba) and the he also penned its lyrics alongside lyricist Happy Raikoti.


Performer(s): Millind Gaba, Aditi Budhathoki
Album Name: Main Teri Ho Gayi (Punjabi)
Songwriter(s): Happy Raikoti, Music MG
Video Director: Ashish Rai
Music Director: Millind Gaba (Music MG)
Label: Speed Records
Release Date: September, 2017



Ve main teri ho gayi aan
Tu mainu ron na dewi -x2,

Ehna meriyan akhiyan ton
Hanju chon na dewi


Oh dear I have completely become yours
Now don’t let me cry
From my these eyes
Never let the tears drop.


Jive kawenga onve reh laangi
Has haske sab kujh seh laangi -x2,

Mahiya tu vaada kar,

Mahiya tu vaada kar
Kade door na jawenga
Tu mere baajon
Kite hor na lawenga.


As you say I will live
Gladly, I will go through anything
My love, promise me
Promise me that you won’t go away from me,
You won’t love someone else like me. 


Ve main teri ho gayi aa
Mainu ron na devi
Ena meriya akhiyan to
Hanju chon na devi.


Ho meri subha vi tuhiyon aein
Te tuhiyon shaam aein
Is zubaan te ik hi naam
Oh tera naam ae -x2.


Oh my darling, you’re my morning and my evening
There’s only one name on this tongue which is yours.


Kathputli teri main
Jive marzi khed lawin
Tere layi lad ju rab naal
Azma ke vekh lawin.


I am your pawn
You can play with me as you want
I could with God for you
Even you can test me if you want.


Tu hasda ae te mera rab hasda
Tere andar mera khuda wasda -x2,


When you smile, it seems like my God is smiling
My God resides in you.


Mahiya tu vaada kar
Mahiya tu vaada kar
Kade door na javenga
Tu mere baajon
Kite hor na lavenga.

Ve main teri ho gayi aan
Mainu ron na dewi
Ehna meriyan akkhiyan ton
Hanjoo chon na dewi.


Tere layi jag shaddeya
Tu mainu na shad dewi
Eh ishq de baagh’an ch
Na kar tu add dewi -x2.


I have abandoned the rest of world for you
Make sure you don’t leave me
In these lovely gardens of love
Don’t ever separate me from you.


Kandeyan te nacha layin tu
Na see karun sohne
Taan vi main has has ke
Jee jee karun sohne,


Mere tere naal ne cha sajjna
Tu manzil tuhiyo raah sajjna -x2.


You can make me dance on the floor full of thorns
I won’t even groan a little
Still I will happily respect you by saying, “Ji Ji.”


Maahiya tu vaada kar..

Maahiya tu vaada kar
Kadey door na jaawenga
Tu mere baajo kite hor na laawenga,


Ve main teri ho gayi aan
Mainu ron na dewin
Ainna meriyan akhiyon ton
Hanjju chon na dewin.



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The music video of “MAIN TERI HO GAYI AA” stars charming actress Aditi Budhathoki and handsome Millind Gaba, directed by Ashish Rai. The guest vocals are lent by Pallavi Gaba and the satisfying Punjabi lyrics of song are from Happy Raikoti.


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