Mainu Sohn Lagge Lyrics – Amber Vashisht

Mainu Sohn Lagge Lyrics is romantic ballad with soothing vocals of Amber Vashisht and touching music of AR Deep. The loving verses of track are from Maninder Kailey’s pen.

This Punjabi music film “O MAINU SOHN LAGE” is created under the video direction of Shabby Singh featuring Amber Vashisht and others. You can also read here translation of full song lines followed by their meaning.


Dil wich hunda hai jo
Ohi muhon bolda
Har ik naal na main
Raaz koi kholda,

Kudiyan taan soniya main
Lakh vekhiyan
Judi ishqe di kite meri dor na.

Ho mainu sohn lage
Mainu sohn lage haye
Tere jehi vekhi koi hor na -x2.

Whatever is in my heart
I just tell it straight way
And I don’t share my secrets with everyone
Have seen hundreds of thousands of pretty girls,
But didn’t feel affection towards them
I promise, I promise, Have never seen a girl like you are.

Karaan ki tareef
Muk jande alfaaz ne
Kanna wich goonj rahe
Mere hun saaz ne -x2.

How to praise such a beauty
Got no words to say
It feels like melodic instruments playing in my ears.

Aave mere samne
Os pal di udeek hai
Pata nahi aas meri
Rakhni vi theek hai.

You come and see me, I await that moment
Still I’m still not sure if it’s right to have such hope.

Aakhda haan sach neele naina waleyo
Eho jehi aayi kade lor na.

O blue eyed people, Am telling you all the truth
Never felt like this before.

Oh mainu sohn lagge, mainu sohn lagge
Haye, tere jehi vekhi koi hor na -x2.

My beloved I swear, I swear, I’ve never seen a girl like you before.

Pal-pal sajjna main
Aawan tere wal nu
Dil ch lukawan kive
Pyaran wali gal nu -x2.

Dear, Every moment I step towards you
How to hide this love feeling in my heart ?

Badle wafavaan de main
Zindagi luta deyan
Tere jeha ban ke main
Khud nu gawa deyan.

For the sake of your faithfulness, I can sacrifice my life
Being as you, wanna do the deed.

Haar ke halaatan kolon
Gairan utte dull je
Tera Kailey aina kamzor na.

Will give up in some certain circumstances and love someone ?
Your Kailey is not that weak.

O mainu sohn lage, O mainu sohn lage haye
Tere jehi wekhi koyi hor na -x2.

My dear, I swear, Never saw such a beauty before.

Mainu Sohn Lagge Amber Vashisht Maninder Kailey


Title of Song: Mainu Sohn Lagge
Performer: Amber Vashisht
Music Director: AR Deep
Writer of Lyrics: Maninder Kailey
Video Director: Shabby Singh
Label: T-Series