Malare Mounama Lyrics English Translation – Karnaa (Movie)

Malare Mounama Song Lyrics from Arjun & Ranjitha’s movie ‘Karnaa’ with translation in English, by S.P. Balasubrahmanyam & S. Janaki are here. Vidyasagar is the creator of soulful music. Vairamuthu is the lyricist who penned the full Tamil lyrics for Malare Mounama track (Male, Female version). Learn the meaning of the song lines.

malare mounama lyrics english male female translation

Song Name: Malare Mounama (Tamil)
Album/Movie: Karnaa (1995)
Singer(s): S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, S. Janaki
Lyrics Writer(s): Vairamuthu
Music Director(s): Vidyasagar
Actor(s): Arjun Sarja, Ranjitha, Vineetha


Malare Mounama Mouname Vedhama
Malargal Pesuma Pesinal Ooyuma Anbe
Oh, woman, so tender like a flower! Hey, why the silence? Is being silent all you know?
Do the blossoms speak? However, when they begin, will they stop? Ah, my darling!

Padhi Jeevan Kondu Dhegam Vazhndhu Vandhadho
Meedhi Jeevan Unnai Partha Podhu Vandhadho
Was I only half alive with this body of mine, before?
So, you got the rest of your life after seeing me, then?

Edho Sugam Ulloorudhe
Enoo Manam Thalladudhe
There is some comfort deep within.
Wonder why there is some distortion at heart in spite?

Edho Sugam Ulloorudhe
Enoo Manam Thalladudhe
An indescribable pleasure is flowing within now!
Why is the heart starting to wave now?

Viralgal Thodava Virundhai Perava
Marboodu Kangal Moodava
Could I hold your hand? You could go beyond that and feast upon love.
Could you embrace me on closer to your chest now?

Malare Mounama, Malargal Pesuma
Oh, flower-like beautiful woman! Why have you embraced silence?
Do the flowers actually speak?

Kanavu Kandu Endhan Kangal Moodi Kidandhen
Katrai Pola Vandhu Kangal Mella Thirandhen
I’ve been in a dreaming all this with my eyes closed.
And, like the wind, I came and slowly made you open your eyes.

Katre Enai Killadhiru Poove Ennai Thalladhiru
Katre Enai Killadhiru Poove Ennai Thalladhiru
Oh wind, don’t trigger me into some play. Oh, lovely flower, just don’t push me away.
Yeah, wind, please don’t pinch me! Oh floweret, don’t give me a push!

Uravil Urave Uyirin Uyire
Pudhu Vazhkai Thandha Vallale
Hey, my sweetheart! Oh, my partner! The existence in my soul!
You are the wonderful one who brought me a new, afresh life.

Malare Mounama Mouname Vedhama
Malargal Pesumaa A Pesinal Ooyuma Anbe
Oh beautiful woman, Why have you taken-up silence? And just being silent, is that all you know to do?
Do the flowers really speak? If yes, oh darling, would they ever stop?

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