Manamariyunnolu Lyrics Translation | Porinju Mariyam Jose | Malayalam Song

Manamariyunnolu Song, with its Malayalam humorous lyrics, is a delightful track from the Porinju Mariam Jose movie. Read the translation for Manamariyunnolu Lyrics in English crooned by Vijay Yesudas & Sachin Raj featuring Joju George.

manamariyunnolu malayalam song lyrics in English

Song Name: Manamariyunnolu (Malayalam)
Album: Porinju Mariyam Jose (2019)
Singer(s): Vijay Yesudas, Sachin Raj
Lyrics Writer(s): Jyothish T Kasi
Music Director(s): Jakes Bejoy
Video Director(s): Joshiy
Actor(s): Joju George, Nyla Usha, Chemban Vinod Jose
Record Label: โ„— 2019 Satyam Audios


Manamariyunnolu, Ivala Kettyolu,
Kanavilu Vannolu, Nin Karalaye Ponnolu,

The one who knows your heart. She is your wife.
The one who came in your dreams. The one who came as your sweet-heart.

Parinayea Ravil, Pavanurukumpol, Hridayeam Thannolu,
Danaha Perunnal, Bandadi Pole, Ullu Kavarnolu,

The one who gave you her heart, in this romantic night.
The one who stole your heart, like the brass band of Denaha festival.
The one who frolics around you like a music box.

Patt Pettipol Konjittu, Ettenn Chuttittoll,
Ini Kathirunnora Nalethi, Otti Otti Idanenj Mutti,
Kadha Thudarumithi Ivarude Kalyanam,

The day you were waiting for is here.
Their hearts come together, the story continues, and this is their wedding.

Avarkkini Ennum Perunnalu,
Anugraham Venam Punyala,

Every day is a festival for her, hereafter.
She needs your blessings, O. Saint.

Mariye Ente Mariye, Nee Chirichal,
Aa Chiriyil Full Happy, Chiriyille Motham Pokka,

Maria, My Maria. If you smile, with that smile, I’m fully happy.
If you don’t smile, I’m totally sad.

Ambu Perunnal Chelode, Ente Munnil Vannavala,
Annu Thotte Ullake, Vamb Kattana Pennivala,

She came before me, with the beauty of the festival.
Ever since then, this girl has captured my heart.

Arumilla Nerath, Shringaramothum Kannivala,
Veedu Nirayee Pilleraye, En Nadu Vazhan Ponnola,

When there.s no one around.
Her eyes exude love.
She.s the one who.s going to rule my land, with a house full of children.

Pathiravin Vathilennum Charidunnol,
Pathiyaye Ennum Ennil Ottidunnoll,

The one who closes the door of midnight daily.
The one who.s clings on to me as my better half.

Avarkkini Ennum Perunnalu,
Anugraham Venam Punyala,

Every day is a festival for her, hereafter.
She needs your blessings, O. Saint.

Anthi Chayeana Nerath, Nenjinullil Ormakala,
Onnu Vannen Charath, Thotturumman Ullavala,

While I go to sleep at night, my heart is full of memories.
She’s the one to sit beside me and cuddle up.

Arum Arum Kanathe, Annadya Mutham Thannaval,
Arumilla Kalathum, En Thanginaye Vendavalu,

The one who gave me my first kiss, while no one was watching.
The one whose care I need, when I won’t have anyone else with me.

Palli Medapole Ennum Ullammullollu,
Prananaye Ennumennil Vanidunnollu,

The one whose heart is really large and pure.
The one who lives within me forever, more precious than my life.

Avarkkini Ennum Perunnalu,
Anugraham Venam Punyala.

She needs your blessings, O Saint.
Every day is a festival for her, hereafter.

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