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Manasula Soora Kaathey Song Lyrics from Dinesh Ravi & Malavika Nair’s Tamil movie Cuckoo with translation in English, sung by Santhosh Narayanan, Divya Ramani. Yugabharathi is the lyricist, as Santhosh Narayanan is the composer of music.

cuckoo manasula soora kaathey lyrics in english

Song Name: Manasula Soora Kaathey (Tamil)
Album: Cuckoo (2014)
Singer(s): Sean Roldan, Divya Ramani
Lyrics Writer(s): Yugabharathi
Music Director(s): Santhosh Narayanan
Video Director(s): Raju Murugan
Actor(s): Dinesh, Malavika Nair, Aadukalam Murugadoss, Somasundaram
Record Label: ยฉ 2014 Think Music


Manasula Soora Kathe, Adikudhu Kadhal Poothe,
In my mind, sweeps a storm, Love blossoms to conform.
Nilave Sorutudhe, Kanave Talattudhe,
Moon is food for hunger. Lullabies of dreams linger.
Minnal Osaiyum Kadhile Ketkudhe,
Flash of lightning ears can hear.
Undhan Vasanai Vanavil Kattudhe,
Rainbow spreads your scent clear.

Va Vendru Sollum Munne, Varugindra Nyabagam,
Before even inviting memories flood exciting.
Kanne Unn Sollil Kanden, Ariyadha Thai Mugam,
Dear, in your words, I view my mother’s face I never knew.

Ragasiya Yosanai, Kodukkudhe Rodhanai,
Secret thought plague an onslaught.
Solladha Asai Ennai, Suda Suda Kaichudhe,
Love unexpressed within me. The temperature rises to 104 degrees.

Polladha Nenjil Vandhu, Pudhu Oli Paichudhe,
In this heart so blessed, a ray of light is newly spread.
Kannile Illaye Kadhalum, Nenjame Kadhalin Thayagam,
No love as eyes clamped. The heart is love’s motherland.

Anandham Pennai Vande, Azhagaga Pesudhe,
Happiness in a woman’s image speaks a beautiful language.
Minsara Railum Vanna, Kuyil Pola Koovuthe,
An electric train is cooing like the colored koel wooing.

Kai Thodum Podhile, Kalangavum Thonude,
When hands touch with a 7th sense, eyes well up with tears of happiness.
Anbe Unn Anbil Veesum, Karuvarai Vasame,
In your love, so distinct, I see a motherly instinct.

Eppodhum Ennil Veesa, Midhandhidum Bhavame,
To breeze within me, expressions float effortlessly.
Moongile Ragamai, Marudhe, Moochile Vanoli Padudhe,
Bamboo becomes a flute of magic. Radio breathes breathtaking music.

Manasula Soora Kathe, Adikudhu Kadhal Poothe,
In my mind is a windswept gale. Love blossoms into a pretty tale.
Nilave Sorutudhe, Kanave Talattudhe,
Moon is food for thought. Dreamful lullabies on the dot.

Minnal Osaium Kadhile Ketkudhe,
Undhan Vasanai Vanavil Kattudhe
Flash of lightning ears can hear. Rainbow spreads your fragrance, dear.

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