Mann Baawreya Lyrics (Song Meaning) Madhav Mahajan

Mann Baawreya Lyrics (also spelled as mann bawariya) with meaning in English are published here with full translation. Madhav Mahajan is singer and Kabeer-Raahi has penned the touching song lyrics.


Dil ne sachiaa laayiaa ne, nibhi nahi
My heart truly loved you but it didn’t work between us.
Sachiyan qasma khaaiya ne, suni nahi,
I sworn my love but you didn’t listen to me.
Kyun akhiyaan cho hanju rukde nahi
Why can’t my eyes stop shedding tears?
Kyun saah vi cheti ae mukde nahi
Why isn’t my life ending fast?

Kyu usse layi dil mera marr reha,
Why is my heart still longing for him?
Jo minta naal vi mandaa nahi
Who doesn’t seem convinced even if I coax.

Sun mann bawreya tera pyaar haar geya
Oh my silly heart, your love has lost, today.
Saah ghut-ghut main rahi mardi, oh alvida keh gaya
I kept pining away and dying yet he just said good-bye and moved on.

Main maafi mangdi haan, dil todi kade na
I apologize. Please, do not ever break my heart.
Metho duniya vakh karde
You could distance me from the world.
Tu durr kade hovi na,
But please, do not ever go away from me.

Main hun ro nahi sakdi hassa hi jaa
I cannot cry anymore. Make me smile, at least.
Main hun rus nahi sakdi manaa hi jaa,
I cannot be angry with you anymore. Convince me not to be upset, at least.

Kyun teri mohhabat meri jaan mangdi
Why does your love demand my life?
Kyun vekhan lyi main tenu har roz mardi,
Why do I long every single day just to see you.

Kyun duawaan dil usse lyi kar reha
Why, heart of mine is still praying for him?
Jo minta naal vi manda nahi,
Who doesn’t seem convinced even I request.

Sun mann bawreya
Listen, oh childish heart of mine,
Tera pyaar haar geya,
You have lost your love today.

Saah ghut-ghut main rahi mardi
While I was pining away and dying,
Oh alvida keh gaya
He said good-bye and moved away.

Mere parchave nu tere naal kinni mohabbat ho gayi
How much does my shadow loves you?
Eh mainu chadd ke teri parchayi ban gaya
It left me and became shadow of yours.

Mann Baawreya meaning translation lyrics

Album Mann Baawreya (Punjabi)
Actor(s) Priyanka Khera, Madhav Mahajan
Music Director(s) Madhav Mahajan
Songwriter Kabeer-Raahi
Video Director Puneet S Bedi, Mohit Middha

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