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Mazaak Lyrics with translation in English by Anuv Jain: It is an ultra-modern and a graceful Hindi song featuring Sai Godbole, Rutwik Deshpande. Anuv Jain is the arranger of noble music. The easy-on-the-eye Kya Ye Mazaak Hai Hindi lyrics of the song with meaning in the English language are documented by Anuv Jain. The scrumptious music video of the great melody is ruled by Vasudha Rungta.


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Yeh Bhi Mazak Hi Toh Hai,
It is also a joke to me.
Salon Se Sadkon Pe Sambhal Ke Chal Raha Tha Yoon
For many years, I walked cautiously on the roads.

Galon Ke Gadhon Mein Tere
For your lovely cheeks,
Na Jane Kyun Mein Ladkhadake Gir Gaya Hoon
I’m not sure why I fell.

Muskurao Aur Aise Hanso Meri Baton Pe
Please smile and laugh while I speak.
Girta Rahoon Teri Rahon Mein
I’ll keep falling for you.
Aur In Mein Hi Kho Jaunga
I’ll lose myself for you.

Yeh Bhi Mazak Hi Toh Hai
It is also a joke to me.
Kaise Yeh Raton Ke Iradon Mein Andhera Tha Yoon
How come my intentions were as hazy as the night sky?
Aadhe Se Chand Si Hassi Andheri Raton Mein Ab Noor Ban Gayi Kyun
Why has the partial laugh that was like a half-moon now become the light?

Ae Chand Ab Chandani Ban Ke Giro Zara
Oh, moon, now spread your moonlight.
Girte Raho Mere Aas Pass Toh Tera Hi Ho Jaunga
Keep shining your light around me, and I will always be yours.

Ho Jaunga Tera Ehsas Hai
I feel I will become yours.
Sansein Hai Jab Tak Yahan Ho Jaun Main Tera
I will be yours for as long as I breathe.

Yeh Na Mera Andaz Hai
That’s not my thing.
Dekho Main Khud Hass Raha Apni Baton Pe Yahan
I’m chuckling at my own words here.

Aur Aise Tum Bhi Hanso Meri Baton Pe
I want you to chuckle at my words as well.
Na Jane Yeh Kya Ho Raha Mujhe
I’m not sure what’s going on with me.
Main Tera Hi Ho Jaunga
I’m going to be yours.

Yeh Bhi Mazak Hi Toh Hai
It is also a joke to me.
Meri Nakal Hai Ya Asal Mein Gir Rahe Ho Tum Bhi
Are you imitating me or falling in love with me?
Hota Nahi Hai Ab Yaqeen, Kya Yeh Mazak Toh Nahi
It’s unbelievable; is this a joke?

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Mazaak Song Details
Name of Song Mazaak
Lead Vocalist Anuv Jain
Lyricist Anuv Jain
Music Maker Anuv Jain

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