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Mehabooba song from the Hindi movie ‘KGF Chapter 2’ featuring Yash has gratifying lyrics and a extraordinary English translation with voice lent by Ananya Bhat. The sumptuous lyrics of the ‘Main Teri Mehabooba’ ballad were provided by Shabbir Ahmed. Ravi Basrur was the appeaser of MEHABOOBA’s classy music. The tip-top music video of the track was ruled by Prashanth Neel.


Track Title: Mehabooba
Movie: KGF Chapter 2
Lead Vocalist: Ananya Bhat
Songwriter: Shabbir Ahmed
Music Maker: Ravi Basrur
Director: Prashanth Neel
Actor(s): Yash
Language: Hindi language


Jab Tak Hai Zameen Jab Tak Hai Aasmaan
As long as there is land and sky,
Tum Mere Hi Raho Bas Itna Hi Armaan
I want you to belong to me and that is my only wish.

Tujhe Bandh Loon Main Aanchal Mein
I’ll hold you close in my embrace,
Jaise Chand Rahe Baadal Mein
Like the moon does in the clouds.
Hum Jachte Hain Aise Jaise Saje Nain Kaajal Mein
We look stunning together, just like kohl does on eyes.

Mehabooba Main Teri Mehbooba
Lover! I’m your lover.
Mehbooba Main Teri Mehbooba
Beloved! I’m your beloved.
Mehbooba Oh Main Teri Mehbooba
Lover! I’m your lover.

Shuru Ho Rahi Hai Nayi Manzilein
New journeys are beginning.
Nayi Zindagi Ka Safar
Along with the start of a new life.

Shaam Utre Jahan Chandani Odh Kar
There, where the sunset turns into a lovely moonlit evening.
Dhoop Bikhri Rahe Jis Jagah Reit Par
There, where the sun shines on the sand.

Iss Jahan Se Pare Aa Wahin Hum Chalein
Let’s go there, far away from this world.
Raat Leti Rahe Apni Chadar Tale
where we could sleep soundly at night.

Main Gudiya Ban Jaungi,
As I turn into a doll,
Mere Saath Tu Khelte Rehna
Would you like to keep playing with me?
Kabhi Baahon Mein Jhula Jhulana
Carry me in your arms,
Kabhi Dil Se Laga Lena
and then embrace me from time to time.

Mehabooba Main Teri Mehbooba
Lover! I’m your lover.
Mehbooba Main Teri Mehbooba
Sweetheart! I’m your sweetheart.
Mehbooba Oh Main Teri Mehbooba
Lover! I’m your lover.

KGF Chapter 2 Film’s Mehabooba Music Video | Yash

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