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mickey singh kand song translation

Album Name: Kand (Punjabi)
Artist(s): Mickey Singh, Dana Alexa
Songwriter(s): Mickey Singh, Kay V Singh
Music Director(s): Mickey Singh, Wiggi Music
Video Director: Matt Alonzo and Josh Olufemii
Label: TreeHouse V.H.T

The Punjabi word “Kand” means “Wall” in English and “Deewar, दीवार” in Hindi. The meaning of Mickey Singh’s this track is, “When you broke down walls of my heart or broke my heart. It caused made me pain & tears.”


Bhagwan ne kuch fankaar ko, zyada hi jazbaati banaya hai,
The God has made artists too sensitive (or emotional).
Yeh gaana mujhe bohat pasand hai,
I like this song very much.
Dard bhara gaana hai, Lekin dard bhi toh insan ki zindagi ka ek hissa hai.
It’s a sad song. But sadness (or pain) too is a part of human life.
Is se insaan kab tak door bhaag sakta hai,
How long could a man run away from it (the sadness)?

Layian kaaton yariyan je ‘nere wich sutna si,
Why did you fall in love with me at first place, if you were to abandon me in the dark.
Satt ke ni ainve kyon, mainu choran vangu lutna si,
And then why did you have to rob me like a thief (or a burglar)?

Jaage armaana nu vi sauna pai gaya,
My living aspirations (or hopes) had to die (or be buried).
Khud to vi kalleyan sannu hona pe gaya,
I also had to separate from my own self.

Kand dil wali tutti ae te, rona pai gaya,
As walls of my heart have been broken, it caused me tears.
Tainu baddlan ‘ch chann wangu, khona pai gaya.
I had to lose you, as losing the moon in the clouds (e.g. As moon disappears in clouds).

Kita ae zamane nu mere toh judaa ve,
You have separated me from the entire world.
Karke bagaane kyon diti ae sazaa ve,
And now you are treating me as a total stranger and punishing me.

Dil tere pyar da khidauna reh gaya,
My love has been just a toy for your love games.

Mere tarde naseeban nu dabauna pai gaya.
I had to drown my floating fate for you.
(falling in love with you has drowned me.)

Kand dil waali tutti ae te, ronaa pe gaya,
As walls of my heart got broken, it left me with tears.

Tenu badlan ‘ch chan wangu, khona pe gaya.
I had to lose you like losing the moon in the clouds from the sight.

Yaar-yaar mera yaar na aaya, akhiyan udeek diya,
My beloved never turned out (didn’t come), my eyes crave to see him and still await him.
Kalleyan eh dil darrda,
My heart alone feels scared without him.

Pyar-pyar tenu pyar na aya, sadiyan eh beet gayian,
You couldn’t learn to love. Centuries have passed.
Yadaan naal rehnda larhda.
I have been fighting with your memories.

Kand dil wali tuti ae te rona pai gayaa,
As walls around my heart were taken down. It made me cry.
Tainu baddlan ch chan wangoo khona pai gayaa.
Losing you was like losing the moon in clouds from sight. (a suddenly disappeared)



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