Mohabbat Lyrics Meaning — Amaal Mallik

The song “Mohabbat lyrics”, with their meaning in English, is an enchanting Hindi composition that immerses listeners in the depths of love and longing. Amaal Mallik, with his mesmerizing vocals, effortlessly brings forth the heartfelt emotions embedded in Vayu’s soulful lyrics. The song beautifully captures the essence of unrequited love and the willingness to go to great lengths to win someone’s heart.

Mohabbat Lyrics Meaning Amaal Mallik

The lyrics for “Mohabbat Toh Karke Dekho Nibhayenge Hum” portray the protagonist’s unwavering devotion and determination to express their feelings, even in the face of numerous admirers. The song delves into the intensity of love, expressing a desire to fight for the beloved’s affection, making them the very pulse of their existence. It conveys a sense of surrender and a willingness to do whatever it takes to capture the love and attention of the person they hold dear.

Amaal Mallik’s brilliant composition effortlessly complements the heartfelt lyrics to Mohabbat, tugging at listeners’ heartstrings. The music video, directed by Krish Trivedi, adds a visual dimension that enhances the song’s emotional impact. The presence of Aamna Sharif in the video further adds to the charm, captivating viewers with her emotive expressions.


Yoon Toh Hain Tumhare Lakh Chahne Wale
You have hundreds of thousands of admirers,
Lakhon Mein Ho Tum Jo Ek Hi
and you are only one of them.

Phir Bhi Sochta Hoon Main Tumhein Bata Doon
Still, I feel compelled to communicate…
Bat Yeh Jo Tumse Na Kahi
what I have yet to express to you.

Kuchh Iss Tarah Se Tumko Chahenge Hum
I would love you so much that I would fight you…
Tumhin Se Ladenge Tumko Manayenge Hum
and come after you to persuade you.

Tumhein Apne Dil Ki Dhadkan Banayenge Hum
I’d make you my heart beat.
Mohabbat Toh Karke Dekho Nibhayenge Hum
Try falling in love with me; I will do whatever it takes.

Mila Hoon Jo Tumse Hai Sach Bas Yahi Ke
As I’ve came across you,
Ise Main Khuda Ki Raza Man Loon
I think it is God’s will to bring us together.

Tabhi Zindagi Ko Samajh Main Sakunga
I would be able to comprehend life.
Tumhein Jeene Ki Jo Wajah Man Loon
Only if I consider you the reason that I’m alive.
Tumhein Jeene Ki Wajah Man Loon Man Loon
Only if you are the reason I live.

Kahin Ab Kisi Se Dil Na Lagayenge Hum
I would fall in love with no one else.
Tumhin Se Ladenge Tumko Manayenge Hum
I would fight and pursue you in order to convince you.

Ik Tere Hi Aage Khud Ko Jhukayenge Hum
I would only bow to you.
Mohabbat Toh Karke Dekho Nibhayenge Hum
Try falling in love with me; I’ll go to any length.

Kyun Utarein Chand Tare Teri Rahon Mein Hum
Why should I bring the stars and the moon down to your path?
Iss Jahan Ke Noor Sare Tere Aage Kuchh Na Sanam
All other beauty in the world pale in comparison to you.

Tu Jidhar Ho Jahan Ho Mera Vada Hai Yeh
No matter where you are, it is my vow…
Iss Janam Se Har Janam Tak Tere Hi Rahenge Hum
that I will belong to you from this life to the next.

Mohabbat Hindi Music Video | Amaal Mallik

“Mohabbat” is a romantic ballad that evokes emotions ranging from longing and hopes to determination and unwavering commitment. It is a testament to the power of love and the lengths one can go to win their beloved’s affection. The heartfelt rendition by Amaal Mallik, coupled with the skilled composition and direction, creates an immersive musical experience that will resonate with audiences.


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Mohabbat Toh Karke Dekho Nibhayenge Hum Song Details
Title of Song Mohabbat
Lead Vocalist Amaal Mallik
Lyric Poet Vayu
Composer Amaal Mallik