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Punjabi Singers Monty & Waris Wikipedia Introduction: Monty – Waris is a music band of duo singers from city Patiala, Punjab, North India.Name of the team comes from vocalists’ real names as Monty Marzara and Waris Sekhon.The duo came into limelight with a beautiful song ‘Mehfil Yaaran Di’ which officially introduced them to audience and is a presentation of PTC Punjabi Launchpad.With their official debut song they left the listeners amazed and got thousands of followers on social media profiles. Its music video is directed by well-known video directed by Parmish Verma and lyrics are penned down by respected lyricist Narinder Bath and its music beats hails from none other than Desi Crew.Later they continued their way to more success with memorable songs like ‘Mere Piche’ and ‘Tere Bina.’


Monty Waris Wikipedia info, Biography, Personal Details

Personal Details:

Band Name: Monty & Waris
Members’ Names: Monty Marzara, Waris Sekhon
Profession: Singers
Genre: Pop Punjabi, Sufi
Contact Number: (Bookings & Shows) +91-9216350000 (Babbu Kocher MME)

Monty & Waris Musical Journey: They both share a deep connection of selfless friendship with each other and claims their selves as one.’Monty Marzara’ and the brother-from-another-mother ‘Waris Sekhon’ were batch mates Khalsa College Patiala as M.A music students. In the beginning they used to perform together in college’s youth festivals and friend circle.When listeners admired the combination of their skillful singing, it gave them a faith in their selves and boosted level of their confidence so they decided to be a team.The turning point in their life was, when in early 2012 they were attending a birthday party at friends’ and were requested to perform; they sang ‘Skoda’ song which was given to them by lyricist Pargat Singh Zaildar.During the performance somebody from friend circle recorded the video and uploaded it to social networking sites which went viral and received unbelievable response from Punjabi audience all over the world. (The song has now originally released and is very well sung by amazing singer ‘Ranjit Bawa.’) To continuously receive the audiences’ love Monty and Waris chose to make their own YouTube channel and frequently uploaded new videos of homemade music projects and loving performances.Later they came into contact of music companies, music directors and produced most memorable tracks for Punjabi music industry which are on everyone’s tongue now.

All Songs List of Monty – Waris:

Song Name:

Lyricists: Music Director:
01. Mehfil Yaaran di (Different Nature ) Narinder Batth Desi Crew
02. Mere Piche Matt Sheron Wala Goldboy

03. Tere Bina

Deep Arraicha Desi Routz
04. Keemat Jass Aulakh Goldboy

Monty & Waris are very talented and passionate artists. They promised to always be as a team, never break the band and split up. They are eagerly waiting to work in Punjabi movies as well and introduce themselves as actros also.

Their debut full album is ready to be released which contains total 9 songs with lyrics written by top lyricists as Narinder Batth, Deep Arraicha, Matt Sheronwala, Pargat Singh Zaildar & Jaggi Sanghera.Its a perfect combination of beat songs and romantic songs.The music of album is produced by Goldboy, Desi Crew, Bhinda Aujla and others.Title of the album is still to be announced, stay tuned for more upates on Monty-Waris singers, write your thoughts, suggestions in comments below.