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Nawabzaade movie songs lyrics translation

Song Name: Mummy Kasam (Hindi)
Movie / Album: Nawabzaade (2018)
Singer(s): Gurinder Seagal, Payal Dev, Ikka
Lyrics Writer(s): Kunaal Vermaa, Gurinder Seagal, Ikka
Music Director(s): Gurinder Seagal (SardarG)
Actor(s): Dharmesh Yelande, Raghav Juyal, Punit Pathak, Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor
Record Label: Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited, Womad Music Ltd.


Ho Girlfriend Ho Aisi Jo Dynamite Ho,
Humse Phir Uski Pillow Fight Ho,

We’re looking for a girlfriend whose like dynamite.
Someone with whom we can have a pillow fight.

Londe Sabhi Feel Jealous Kare,
Gardan Pe Meri Aisi Love Bite Ho,

All the guys should feel jealous;
watching the love bite on my nape.

De Puppy,
De Puppy, Le Puppy, Qissa Khatam,
Kisi Se Kahunga Na Mummy Kasam,

Give me a kiss.
Give me a kiss, take one from me. That’s all I want.
I won’t tell anyone, I swear.

Mummy Kasam, Mummy Kasam,
Secret Rahega Karenge Jo Ho,

I swear. I swear.
Everything we do will stay a secret between us.

(Ikka Rap),
Mummy Kasam Oh Mere Sanam,
Tujhe Dil Mein Basa Ke Rakhunga,
Tujhe Touch Karunga, Too Much Karunga,
Aur Ye Baat Main Na, Kisi Se Kahunga,

I swear, my sweetheart.
I’ll hide you in my heart.
I’ll touch you here and there.
I’ll crosses all boundaries, I swear.
But I won’t tell anyone.

Jab Itra Ke Chalti, Lagti Kamaal,
Jaise Rab Ne Banaya, Lagaake Kayi Saal,
Bura Dil Ke Mere Haal,
Aise Daal Na Tu Jaal,
Aise Deewana Kar Degi Khol Ke Tu Baal,

When you walk with attitude, you look amazing.
Like God took his time to create you.
My life’s in a turmoil. Don’t use your charm on me.
Don’t stroll around with untied tresses.

Dono Haath Khol Doon Toh,
Nahi Shahrukh Se Kam,
Tujhe Mujhse Se Chura Le,
Nahi Itna Kisi Mein Dum,

If I spread my arms I look just like Shahrukh.
No one can steal you from me.

Ye Jo Tere Aage Piche Maare Chakkar,
Inn Sab Bachaa Logon Ke Daddy Hain Hum,
Daddy Hain Hum,
Hum Daddy Hain Hum,

We’re on another level from these boys chasing you around.
We’re on a different level.
We’re on a different level.

Arey Ja Ja Dekhe Tere Jaise Lover,
Pehle Tu Kar Tera Foucs Clear,

I’ve seen lovers like you before,
first you must clear your focus.

Aashiq Mere Sun Nahi Main Duffer,
Love Bhi Karungi Dekh Ke Tera Ghar,

Let me tell you my lover-boy, I am not a fool.
I will say yes only after seeing your home.

Tu Credit,
Tu Credit Card Main Tera Atm,
Jisme Cash Hoga Kabhi Bhi Na Kam,

You’re the credit.
You’re the credit card and I am your ATM.
And cash will never fall short.

Mummy Kasam, Mummy Kasam,
Secret Rahega Karenge Jo Ho,

I swear. I swear.
Everything we do will stay a secret between us.


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