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Muntazir Lyrics from the promising duo of Daniyal Zafar & Momina Mustehsan is another love song from Coke Studio Season 10. Here you can read full song verses with meaning & English translation from Episode 1. The song is produced & written by Strings.

Danyal Zafar & Momina Mustehsan, Muntazir, Coke Studio Season 10


Main yahan hoon muntazir
Tum wahan ho bekhabar -x2,

I am here, waiting for you
You are there, unaware of this

Aur halke-halke se mann chahe
Manga jisko woh mil jaye,
Yeh raat tham jaaye sau saal ko
Aur ek ho jaaen ham tum,

And softly but steadily, my heart prays
That the one I asked for should become mine
That this night should stand still for a hundred years
And the two of us should become united.

Tum wahan ho bekhabar
Main yahan hu muntazir
Aur halkey halkey se man chahey
Maanga jis ko wo mil jaye,

Ye raat tham jaye sau saal ko
Aur ek ho jaayein ham tum,

That this night should stand still for a hundred years
And the two of us should become united.

Door se aati hain pariyan
Sunati hain ik kahani
mujhe baar-baar
Tum yahan pe magar
Wuh wahaan pe kare tera intizaar
Ab maano nahin haar.

Fairies come from afar
And tell me a story again and again
You are here, but
He waits for you over there
Now don’t give up hope.

Socho na chal paṛo
Jaao na  na dardo
Jaante ho tum us ke dil ka raaz
Shayad ghabrayegi,
wo na keh payegi
Tum nah darna nh peeche hatna
Kah de na dil ki baat.

Don’t pause to think, just go
Go to her, have no fear
You already know her heart’s secret
Maybe she will feel shy, and hesitate to voice her feelings
But you should have no fear, you shouldn’t draw back
Just say to her what’s in your heart!

Main yahaan hoon muntazir
Tum wahan ho bekhabar
Aur halke halke se man chaahe
Manga jis ko woh mil jaaye,

Ye raat tham jaaye sau saal ko
Aur ek ho jaaen ham tum -x2.

A Brand New Story Of Young Love, ‘Muntazir’ Features Momina Mustehsan And Danyal Zafar In Coke Studio’s This Music Video That Reflects The Journey Of Strings Going Back To Their Musical Roots.  The Romantic Song Conveys Us A Lively, Decadent Insight Into The Musicality Of Desire.  A Yearning Desire In The Lyrics Of Song “Muntazir” And Vocals Are Further Made More Beautiful By The Relaxation Of Fluidity And Delay Of The Guitar.  Strings Manages To Deliver  The Listener To A Warm, Nostalgic Soundscape Of A Soothing Experience. Backed By Strong Basslines & A Tight Rhythm Section, Danyal Revs Up A Lifting Guitar Solo In His Debut Performance Collaborating With Momina Mustehsan’s Soulful Singing Performance.

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