Mutiyaar Lyrics English Translation: Gur Sidhu | Jasmeen Akhtar

The Punjabi song “Mutiyaar Lyrics Translation” is an absolute banger featuring the incredible vocals of Gur Sidhu and Jasmeen Akhtar. Written by the legendary Kaptaan, the song perfectly captures Punjabi culture’s lively spirit and essence with its vibrant beats and spirited lyrics.

Mutiyaar Lyrics English Translation Gur Sidhu Jasmeen Akhtar
Title Mutiyaar
Vocalist(s) Gur Sidhu, Jasmeen Akhtar
Lyricist(s) Kaptaan
Producer(s) Gur Sidhu

Gur Sidhu’s song, “Mutiyaar,” with its lyrics translated into English, is about a confident Punjabi protagonist who takes pride in their heritage and appearance. They express their dedication and commitment to their relationship through thoughtful gestures and emphasize their loyalty and devotion. The song also suggests the protagonist is ready to commit wholeheartedly to their relationship.


Main Bambi Utte Kadi Ve Sharab Wargi,
I have the allure and delectability of a homemade wine.
Nakhre Ch Ghoor Vaddde Sab Wargi,
When I become upset, I can be quite assertive.
Ik Sohni Utton Sohne Suit Pauni Aan,
I have a fondness for beautiful Punjabi suits as a lovely girl.
Gach Ho Gayi Tere Ch Gulab Wargi,
As a beautiful girl, akin to a rose, I have developed feelings for you.

Ajj Kal Disdae Kamad Jatteya, Tu Mainu Surme Di Dhar Kole Ve,
Lately, it seems like you’re having trouble moving forward.
Aahi Kam Reh Gaye Mutiyar Kole Ve,
These are the only tasks left for me.

Ho Tere Nal Bhid Gayi Khanjuri Akh Ni,
I have met your gaze, my dear girl, with boldness.
Shaunkan Utte Udaun Lagga Lakh Lakh Ni,
I have invested a considerable amount of money towards my hobbies.
Kurte Pajameya Layi Paka Darji,
Gabru Vi Leader-an De Nalo Ghat Ni,

I have a skilled tailor who excels in designing kurtas and pajamas, making me no less than prominent figures.

Bhootni Bhulayi Jihde Na Mandeer Di,
Eda Lamkaya Hoya Lak Kole Ni,

I have only a few tasks left to do, and I carry something that makes people afraid around my waist.
Aahi Kam Reh Gaye Bas Jatt Kole Ni,
These are the last responsibilities that I, the Jat, have left to fulfill.

Ve Hind Meri Niyaneyan Di Hind Wargi,
I possess the same level of stubbornness as children.
Sohni Aa Rakan Tere Pind Wargi,
I share the same beauty as your village.
Tere Nal Khand Da Patasa Ban Jaye,
For you, I am as delightful as sugar.
Bakiyan Layi Nakhro Bhrind Wargi,
For others, I can be as fierce as an angry bee.

Ve Ohi Mar Nakhro De Nakhre Ch Ae,
Jo Kanpur Wale Hathiyar Kole Ve,

My tantrums have the same potential as the weapons from Kanpur.
Aahi Kam Reh Gaye Mutiyar Kole Ve,
These are the only tasks left for me.

Ni Jidin Di Gol Mol Tu Patt Layi,
Gol Chowk Wangu Mush Gol Rakh Li,

Since we fell in love, I’ve kept my mustache in a round shape like a roundabout.
Tere Bina Kise Nu Na Seen Kardi,
Karke Aa Akh Control Rakh Li,

Without you, I wouldn’t pay attention to anyone else. I make sure I keep my eyes in check.
Kaptan Kaptan Tere Gutt Vaste,
Kangni Banai Phire Satt Tole Di,

I created a bracelet made of 70 grams of gold for you to wear on your wrist.
Aahi Kam Reh Gaye Bas Jatt Kole Ni,
These are the last responsibilities that I, the Jat, have left to fulfill.

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