Na Tutteya Ve Song from Coke Studio 2020 is a story of strength and unbreakable heart performed by Meesha Shafi and Sanam Marvi, Fariha Pervez, Zara Madani, Wajiha Naqvi and Sehar Gul Khan. Read the translation of lyrics of Na Tutteya Ve that is a Season Opener for Coke Studio 2020. The songwriters are Shuja Haider and Asim Raza.

Na Tutteya Ve Lyrics Translation - Coke Studio 2020 Season Opener
Song: Na Tutteya Ve
Artist(s): Meesha Shafi, Fariha Pervez, Sehar Gul Khan, Zara Madani, Wajiha Naqvi, Sanam Marvi
Lyricist(s): Shuja Haider, Asim Raza
Composer(s): Shuja Haider, Meesha Shafi


Ki Dil Mera Tutda Tut Na Tutiya Ve,
Tutte Bhande Kali Karawan Gali De Wich Behke
Dil Te Na Lawaan Loki Jo Vi Kehnde Has Haske

That my heart suffers greatly but does not break.
I sit in the alley and get my worn-out cooking vessels shined and restored.
However much people may jeer at me I don’t take it to heart.

Tute Bhande Kali Karawan Gali De Wich Behke
Dil Te Na Lanwan Loki Jo Vikehnde Has Has Ke
Zanjeer Ae Zanjeer Ae, Bhaidi Reet Bani Taqdeer Ae
Je Main Pawan Sohne Leere Tana Tishna Oh Teer Ae
Jehda Wajda Ae Dil Te Thah Karke, Tha Karke
Ki Dil Mera Tutda Tut na Tutiya Ve

I sit in the alley, shining and restoring my worn-out cooking vessels.
I don’t take it to heart, though many people may heckle at me.
Its a shackle its a chain. Evil rites have become my fate
If I adorn myself in fine clothes. Taunts and sneers are the arrows,
Which hits my heart with a sharp bang, with a bang.
That my heart suffers greatly but does not break.

Dukh Sukh Sare Wandan Aa Gayi Piya Main Tere Ghar
O Kallam Kalla Roti na Khanween Mere Vi Agge Dhar
Ral Mil Ke Hun Dohwan Ne Katna Jindri Da Eh Safar
Tu Mere Sir Da Saeen, Main Tere Shamle Da Sohna Larh

I’ve come to your home my love to share all the joys and sorrows
Oh don’t eat your bread alone invite me to share it too
We must go through this journey of life together in harmony
You are my husband the crown on my head. I am the proud plume of your turban.

Tasleem Ae Tasleem Ae, Eh Kumbah Tera Tasleem Ae
Par Main Vitera Kumbah Wan, Eh Dhyan Toon Rakhna
Ki Dil Mera Tutda Tut Na Tutiya Ve

I welcome and accept. I welcome and accept your family as mine
But I am also your family, this you should remember.
That my heart suffers greatly but does not break.

Sohna Rabb Jinhnu Izzat Deve Ohdi Izzat Kar
Bhawen Howe Nari Nazuk, Bhawen Howe Nar
Rabb Di Rahmat Nal Kyoon Larna Ae Kar Lai Tu Shukar
Noohnvan Dheeyan Bhainan Bhabi, Raunaqan Da Ghar

To whomever our dear Lord gives respect and honour, respect and honour them.
Be it a woman Or be it a man.
Why do you scorn Gods blessing? Be grateful for it.
Daughters daughters-in-law sisters and sisters-in-law, Make the home bright and lively.

Taqdeer Ae Taqdeer Ae, Jo Vi Rab Ne Banayi Tasveer Ae
Jehda Rabb Di Raza Nal Razi Naeen, Ohda Kakkh Naiyon Banna

This is fate this is destiny. The picture God has created.
Whoever does not resign himself to Gods Will, nothing will become of him.

Je Dil Mera Tutda Tut Na Tutiya Ve
Ki Dil Mera Tutda Tut Na Tutiya Ve

Even when my heart suffers greatly it does not break
That my heart suffers greatly but does not break

Tut Jande Nen Pahad, Tut Painda Asaman Jadon
O Jadon Dil Tutda, Phat Jandi Ae Zameen
Chhut Janda Ae Jahan, Kadon? O Jadon Dil Tutda

The mountains crumble. The heavens collapse.
When! When the heart breaks. The earth splits wide open.
The world slips away. When! Oh, when the heart breaks.

Howe Na Duniya Nu Khabar
Mere Dil Di Qabar Wich Nap Laine Main Sare Khab
Te Khab’an Noon Jan’di Sadak Utte Baith Ke Akkhiyan Ne Wekhi Ae Rah
Sare Lok Gawah, Is Reet Riwaj Ne Rol Diti Har Heer Sassi Sohni
Te Nale Laila Di Na Suni Kise Ne Vi Aah

The world is not aware;
That in the grave of my heart I have buried all my dreams
And there is a road which goes to these dreams
Siting by this road my eyes have observed a path
All the people are witness to the fact that these rites and customs and have crushed every Heer Sassi and Sohni
And no one heard Laila’s anguish either.

Sare Lok Gawah, Main Aa Hawa Di Dhi
Jide Puttaran Nu Ki, Mere Wal Karan Kadi Changi Nigah
Jadon O Jadon Dil Tutda, O Jadon Dil Tutda, Odon

All the people are witness to the fact. I am the daughter of Eve.
Whose sons do not care to cast her a glance of kindness?
When! Oh when the heartbreaks. That’s when.

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