Nange Allava Lyrics English [Meaning] – Sanjith Hegde

“Nange Allava Lyrics Meaning” is a touching Kannada song by Sanjith Hegde featuring Sanjana Doss. The track, penned by Nagarjuna Sharma and produced by Sanjith Hegde and Gautham Hebbar, beautifully captures the essence of enduring love and the complexities of relationships. Directed by Swaraj Sriwastav, the song transcends language barriers with its emotional depth and soulful melody. It has been praised for its lyrical sincerity and seamless blend of emotive vocals with evocative narrative.

Nange Allava Lyrics English Meaning Sanjith Hegde
Title Nange Allava
Vocalist(s) Sanjith Hegde
Lyricist(s) Nagarjun Sharma
Producer(s) Sanjith Hegde, Gautham Hebbar

The translated Kannada lyrics of “Nange Allava” convey a deep yearning for love and emotional commitment, intertwining imagery of counting stars and expressing pure love. The song combines traditional Kannada melodies with contemporary elements, creating a harmonious backdrop for Sanjith Hegde’s nuanced vocal delivery. Critics commend its relatable narrative and poetic expression.


Enandarunu Hage Nee Nange Allava
Always be mine, no matter what happens, won’t you?
Berelloo Hogabeda Nee Nange Allava
I thought you’d always be mine, so please don’t leave.
Beralli Beralittu, Enisona Tarena
Let’s count the stars in the sky with our fingers intertwined.
Mohakke Illiga Kalisona Bhashena
Learn to express your desires in the language of love.

Enandaroonu Hage Nee Nange Allava?
No matter what happens, won’t you always be mine?

Urisale Ninna Nenapanu Neene Illada Sanjege
Your recollections are the beacon in my dark evenings.
Manasale Ulida Kavitaya Salu Helali Yarige
The music I compose will forever be ideas; if I can’t perform them, you can.
Nange Allava Nee Nangeallava,
Kangalagabeda Nanillillava

Why do you feel so frightened when I’m here beside you?
Nange Allava Nee Nangeallava
Ella Nale Kooda Ninde Allava?

All my future days will eternally belong to you.
Enandaroonu Hage Nee Nange Allava?
No matter what occurs, you will forever be mine, won’t you?

Oh no, don’t walk away from me.
I know that you need us to be like yesterday.
But honestly, I’m going to make it all up.
Oh no, don’t walk away from this.
We ain’t, but maybe we could make it.
I know it’s been a little off lately, but we ain’t going down.

The English verse of the song conveys a sincere plea to a partner not to depart. Sanjith Hegde acknowledges past difficulties in their relationship but is committed to rectifying them. He expresses optimism and believes that, despite recent challenges, they can reconcile and remain together.

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Nange Allava Music Video

The music video for ‘Nange Allava’ by Sanjith Hegde, directed by Swaraj Sriwastav, beautifully portrays the song’s narrative of love and longing. It’s a testament to the enduring power of music to convey deep emotions and connect with audiences on a profound level within the Kannada music industry.

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