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“Nangeli Poove” from Malikappuram is a heartwarming ode to the precious bond between a father and daughter. Through his soulful lyrics, BK Harinarayanan paints a vivid portrait of paternal love and the bittersweet journey of watching one’s child grow up.

nangeli poove lyrics meaning in english

Rendered beautifully by singer Ranjin Raj, the harmonious composition touches the right emotional chords. Ranjin’s textured vocals infuse deep feelings into the thoughtful lyrics, evoking the tenderness of the father-daughter relationship. The minimal instrumentation of soft guitars and keys creates a gentle, lilting melody that tugs at the heartstrings.

In the moving music video, Ranjin sings soulfully as visuals capture the special moments between actor Unni Mukundan and his on-screen daughter. The serene coastal setting beautifully complements the tranquil vibe of the song.


Nangelipoove Kunnolam Mele Onnayi Povande
O, little flower, we gotta go all the way up the hill together.
Changathivave Ninnodu Koode Kannayi Njalille
O, little friend, I am there with you, to guide you.

Cherunattu Pathakalil Kanavinte Mamalayil
In the narrow paths, on the hill of dreams,
Thalarade Nee Chuvaderve Thanalayi Njanarike
As you progress forward tirelessly, I am with you, To uphold and protect you.

Nangelipoove Kunnolam Mele Onnayi Povande
We have to travel all the way up the hill together, little flower.
Changathivave Ninnodu Koode Kannayi Njalille
I am with you, little buddy, to guide you.

Omane Manipaithale Idanenjile Midiye
O, dear child, the beat of my heart
Novilum Niravekidum Chiriyanu Neeyazhake
You are the slender smile that soothes my soul’s agony.

Kunju Kaladiyode Nee Kanaveridum Nimisham
As you climb up your dream with your tender feet
Nenjudukkile Mohathalam Unarnnidum Samayam
My desires bloom and fulfill

Mizhineerkanam Pozhiyunnu Njan Mazhapole En Makale
My tears sprinkle out like the rain, my dear
Nangelipoove, Ennomalvave
O little flower… O darling daughter…

Poovupol Viriyunnu Nee Athukandu Njanarike
As you blossom like a flower, I watch you by your side
Katupole Ninakku Poonthanaleki Ninakkarike
I shall grace you a fond shade like a breeze

Nee Kothichathupole Ninnile Asha Poovidare
As the desires of your heart blossom
Neela Neela Nilavupol Mukhamonnu Minnidave
As your little face shines, like the blue moonlight
Nirayunnithen Manamakeyum Uyirinte Kanmaniye
My heart fills with delight, O the virtue of my life

Harinarayanan’s earnest lyrics bring affection, from comparing the daughter to a flower to promising guidance and protection as she charts her path. Lines like “My desires bloom and fulfill, my tears sprinkle out like the rain, my dear” eloquently encapsulate a parent’s joy and pride in seeing their child grow into a beautiful human being.


The English translation for “Nangeli Poove” allows non-Malayalam listeners to grasp the essence of the touching lyrics fully. Reading the translation helps one understand the core sentiments expressed by the poet through simple yet profound lines. The translation conveys the depth of emotions behind the father’s promise to be his daughter’s guiding light as she spreads her wings and flies into the world.
For those who do not know Malayalam, the translation unlocks the beauty of the original lyrics, making the song’s emotional impact universal beyond language barriers. It lets one connect deeper with the singer’s heartfelt rendition of this ode to paternal love.

Title Nangeli Poove
Movie Malikappuram
Singer(s) Ranjin Raj
Lyrics Writer(s) BK Harinarayanan
Music Composer(s) Ranjin Raj
Actor(s) Unni Mukundan

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