Neeve Tholi Pranayam Lyrics {Translation}: Yazin Nizar | Sameera Bharadwaj

The Telugu romantic ballad “Neeve Tholi Pranayam” is a musical ode to all-consuming love, with vocals by Yazin Nizar and Sameera Bharadwaj that evoke timeless passion. The poetic lyrics by Sreejo explore romance with captivating imagery, which composer Phani Kalyan envelops in dreamy, string-heavy arrangements.

Neeve telugu song lyrics yazir

As Yazin and Sameera sing “Love Overflow” in heavenly harmony, their delivery captures the track’s emotional core—that for the smitten protagonist, the object of their affection is their entire universe condensed into one person. When they hit yearning high notes while singing “You are my breath,” the sheer adoration in their voices is goosebumps-inducing.

Meanwhile, director Gomtesh Upadhye translates the mystical lyricism into equally magical visuals. Lead actors Shreya Deshpande and Niranjan Harish resemble divine muses as they engage in an exquisite interpretive dance, conveying love’s ineffable nature through movement.


Toli pranayamu neeve
You are the first love
Teli manasuna neeve
You are the known heart

Prema jhalluve…
You are the love overflow…
Neeve… neeve…
You… you…

Kalalu.. modalu.. neevalle
Dreams.. beginnings.. you are the only one
Manasu.. kadali alalu neevalle
Heart.. waves of the ocean you are the only one

Kanulu tadupu neeve
Eyes cover you
Kalata cherupu neeve
Color of art you

Chivari malupu neeve…
Last closure you…

Etu kadalina neeve
You who crossed the limit
Nanu vadilina neeve
You who left me

Edo mayave…. aa
Some magic…. ah

Madi vetikina neede
You who searched me
Manasadigina tode
You who touched my heart
Na jeevame… aa.. aa.. aa..
You are my life… ah.. ah.. ah..
Niluvaneedu kshanamaina !
Even if it is a moment of standing!

Vadalananna nee dhyasa..
You are the aspiration of leaving..
Kalahamaina sukhamalle
The quarrel is not happiness

Marutunna sambaram…
The changing joy…
Okarikokaru eduraite.
When one faces another.

Nimishamaina yugamega..
A moment is like an era..
Okkosari kanumarugai
Once when the eyes meet

Apakinka oopiri…
The breath stops…

Gadichina katha neeve
You are the story that happened
Nadipina vidhi neeve
You are the fate that walked

Na praname… aa
You are my breath… ah

Vetikina prati teeram..
You who searched every shore..
Telipina shashi deepam
You who told the moon lamp

Ne snehame…
You are the love…
Ne jate.. vidiche
You go.. leave

Oohane.. talanule
The imagination.. the rhythms
Veroke jagame
Another world

Nenika eruganule…
I am the one who comes…
Gundeloni laya neeve.
The beat in the heart you.

Natyamadu shruti nene..
The music I make..
Nuvvu nenu manamaite
You and me when we become one

Ado kavyame…
That is a poem…

Nanu gelichina sainyam..
You are the army that won me..
Nanu vetikina gamyam..
You are the destination that searched me..

Neeve na varam…aa
You are my boon…ah

Toli kadalikalone..
In the first wave..
Manasulu mudi vesee..
The hearts close..
Ido sagaram….
This is the ocean….

For non-Telugu listeners, the English translation unlocks the song’s essence. Phrases like “You who searched me, you who touched my heart, you are my life” elucidate the depth of devotion that elevated word choices like “you are the army that won me” might otherwise obscure. Both global audiences and Telugu speakers can better engage with Sreejo’s elegant poetry through its English rendering.


So, for anyone seeking to be transported by musical storytelling extolling true love’s glorious rapture, “Neeve Tholi Pranayam” is an ethereal gem in any language. Kudos to Yazin, Sameera, and their creative collaborators for such a transcendent track.

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Track Name Neeve Tholi Pranayam
Singer(s) Sameera Bharadwaj, Yazin Nizar
Lyrics Writer(s) SreeJo
Composer(s) Phani Kalyan

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