Nimrat Khaira – Suit

SUIT LYRICS from NIMRAT KHAIRA – The excellent music production of song is amazingly well-worked by Preet Hundal while Nimrat has lent her alluring voice for it. The magnificent music video of โ€œSUITโ€ featuring Mankirt Aulakh and Miss Khaira is created by none other than Sukh Sanghera.

Album Name:Suit (Punjabi)
Performers:Mankirt Aulakh, Nimrat Khaira
Lyrics Writer(s):Arjan Dhillon
Video Director:Sukh Sanghera
Music Director:Preet Hundal

The name of this beautiful songโ€™s lyric writer is Arjan Dhillon and company that released the tune is GeetMP3.


Sade wargi jodi kite lab naiyo honi
Munda kudi naalo sohna
Kudi munde naalo sohni -x2,

Jadon dowein kathe turde
Dekh dekh dekh joda sajda,

Haye le le main na rajjdi
Mainu vekh vekh jatt naiyo rajjda -x2.

Meaning of chorus: I never get enough of shopping Punjabi suits
Itโ€™s never a satisfaction, doesnโ€™t matter how many I buy
And my beloved (Jatt) never gets tired of looking at me.

Downtown jawaan jadon
Gediyan main lawaan jadon
Mere pishe pishe ghumda,
Dollar-an bag
Ohda chakma swag
Laike kaali Cadilac ghumda -x2.

Kadd lainda jaan jatti di
Jadon oh pyar naal takkda,

Jado oh pyar nal takda.

Haaye suit ๐Ÿ‘—lai lai main na rajj di
Mainu ๐Ÿ˜ wekh-wekh jatt nahiyo rajj da -x2.

Beauty ae pure maare
Liskhan Deor, Utton Gucci te Gabbana dang da,
Tohar nu ae ban
Laggi akhan te Chanel,
Nose pin mera jaan magda -x2,

Jatti Angelina wargi
Ohvi te Brad Pit lagda.

๐Ÿ’ƒHaye suit le le main na rajdi
Mainu vekh-vekh ๐Ÿ‘€jatti naiyo rajjda -x2.

Hundal on the beat yo, beat yo!