Ninja – Ajj Vi Chauni Aa

Ajj Vi Chauni Aa is a romantic Punjabi song featuring Ninja and Himanshi Khurana. These Punjabi lyrics come from the songbook of Rangrez Sidhu. Gold Boy is composer of “AJJ VI CHAUNNI AAH” song and Avex Dhillon is video director. Translation of song stanza is here to explain of meaning of Punjabi lines.

Tu taan tur gayon agge
Ve main othe hi reh gayi,
Khaure ki gal si oh
Jo door aina lai gayi -x2.

You moved on and I was left there,
Don’t know what it was, that brought you so far from me.

Bhull ke sare shikwe
Reejhan pyar diyan pugaiye.

Let’s forget all the issues and fulfill our love wishes.

Ve main ajj vi chauni aa
Jiddan pehlan hunde si
Appan odaan de ho jaiye -x2.

My love, I still want to be like we used to be.

Main manndi haan odon
Kuch galti meri si,
Main kadar nahi kiti
Gall tu taan shedi si.

I agree that it was some of my mistake,
I didn’t appreciate, you only said it.

Mainu ajj vi aunde supne
Odaan hasde-ronde
Kinjh langhdiyan si raatan
Kinjh russ ke fer manaunde.

I still dream about us, laughing, crying,
How the nights used to pass,
How we used to simple get angry one each other and conform later.

Hun vaasta main pawaan
Bas teri ho jawa
Kite vichhde na mar jaiye.

Now for the sake of it,
I just want to be yours
Hop we wouldn’t die separated.

Ve main ajj vi chaunni aah
Jidaan pehlan hunde si
Apaan odaan de ho jaaiye -x2.

Dear, I still love you and I want to be with you like to used to.

Ik vaari raazi hoja
Tu vaapis aun layi
Main rabb naal larh jaungi
Tainu haye manaun layi.

Just agree to comeback atleast,
I would fight against God,
To conform you.

Tainu kina main chahwan
Rangrez tuvi jaane
Tere naal meri sajjna
Zindagi de sare cha’ ne.

How much I love you, rangrez you know it,
My all wishes of my life are just with you.

Appan door rehna nai
Ik duje nu khona nai
Na koyi jhutha laara laiye.

We wouldn’t stay away,
Won’t lose each other,
And it’s not a fake promise.

Ve main ajj vi chauni aa
Jiddan pehlan hunde si
Appan odaan de ho jaiye -x2.

ajj vi chauni aa song ninja lyrics

Album Name: Ajj Vi Chaunni Aah (Punjabi)
Performers: Ninja, Himanshi Khurana
Songwriter: Rangrez Sidhu
Video Director: Avex Dhillon
Music Director: Goldboy
Label: Speed Records
Release Date: Mar 27, 2018